08/06/18 Leave the fish in the seas, better have peas

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Billboards aimed at saving fish and the Adriatic Sea throughout Croatia

- Continuing „Respect our Sea“ campaign with direct messages on the streets

Many people are aware of how beautiful our sea is, but few are informed about a daunting fact that the Adriatic sea is in a grave danger of becominug a wasteland due to overfishing, pollution and climate changes – as much as 50% of the sea area is on the brink of devastation due to decline in marine life populations.

The fishing industry is one of the cruelest out there as far as the number of individuals killed yearly is concerned. In 2016, 85 028 tonnes of fish were caught and reared in Croatia, and as much as 90% of large fish populations have been eradicated in the last 50 years worldwide.

By putting billboards, the „Respect our Sea“ campaign, carried out by Animal Friends in cooperation with Eurogroup for Animals, is entering its third stage. Animal Friends have already sent free instructions to coastal cities and municipalities for putting up educational signboards depicting fishing ban on beaches, as well as an appeal to retail chains to stop selling live fish and crabs.

To enable fish to be heard and seen outside the depths of the sea, Animal Friends will put up 30 billboards throughout fifteen Croatian cities. Croatian citizens as well as tourists will be given charming messages saying: „Leave the fish in the seas, better have peas. Sea animals feel the pain just like we do. Respect their life and freedom.

All of our water masses are on the brink of extinction. The evidence of that is an increasing number of endangered species in the Adriatic including: all species of sea turtles and marine mammals, the nobel penn shell, the zoned mitre and the Triton's trumpet sea snails, date shells, the long-snouted seahorse, sea cucumbers, to mention a few. Species of fish that are critically endangered, endangered or vulnerable are: the common skate, the twait shad, the Mediterranean killifish, the dusky grouper, the Adriatic sturgeon, the common stingray, the longnosed skate, the green wrasse, the flathead grey mullet, and the red porgy, with the number of endangered species of fish continuing to grow.

If we want to put an end to the destruction of our blue planet, steps for its preservation have to be made immediately. Despite the information that Croatian citizens are among those nations who ranked the lowest in fish consumption, they should be encouraged to even lower consumption. If this trend continues, soon there will not be any fish to ‘consume’, and fishing will be done only in muddy and devastated sea.

Fish are not expendable goods or items. They are living beings, who feel pain as much as other animals, with scientists even comparing them to dogs and cats as far as the feeling of pain is concerned. Their only “fault” is that they do not produce sounds or scream. Fish very observably show the will for survival and have their own meaning of life.

In order for the devastated marine life in the Adriatic as well as other world’s seas and oceans to start recuperating, it is necessary that we decrease fishing and change our eating habits. Otherwise, according to a 2006 research of a team of eminent ecologists and economists, marine life will seaze to exist by 2048 if we do not make drastic changes in our attitude towards the inhabitants of the sea.

We can manage without fish, but seas and oceans cannot. Animal Friends instruct: Let's not eat fish in order to save their lives and freedoms as well as our planet, and simply find Omega-3 fatty acids in the abundance of vegetable-based foods. That way we will be fed, and the sea kept safe.

Leave fish in the seas, better have peas [ 917.00 Kb ]Leave fish in the seas, better have peas [ 936.96 Kb ]

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