07/29/20 Veganism against obesity and Covid-19

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Animal Friends Croatia react to warnings from the experts that obesity increases the risk of death due to the coronavirus

- Vegans if speaking on average are thinner, and a healthy plant-based diet also protects them from many deadly diseases.

After experts have warned that obese people have a higher risk from death or heavy type of Covid-19, Animals' Friends are sending a message that the cure for both pandemics can be found in a vegan diet! „On a plant-based diet, we lose weight easier and faster, while at the same time we build strong immunity which consequently will be able to fight infections caused by viruses and bacterias much easier. It also builds an organism's resistance to various diseases. Studies have already proven that on a vegan diet there is a great possibility to reduce also a risk from cardiovascular diseases and stroke; colon, lungs and prostate cancer, kidney failure, diabetes, osteoporosis, and other diseases, as well as to reduce blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels.
Obesity itself increases the risk of all the above diseases which present the leading causes of death in the world“ – as stated by the Organisation.

They also say that the Ministry of Health has issued a warning about how obesity has become a pandemic as, within the last 20 years, the number of obese people has been triplicated. Furthermore, it is a disturbing fact that in Croatia, mortality from diseases caused by fatness is bigger than mortality from malignant diseases.

„Experts have warned that should Croatia does not act upon preventing obesity, life expectance of Croats might be shorter for 3,5 years by 2050. The newest scientific discovery – the one of obesity increases the risk of death by Covid-19 – alarms us to turn ourselves to something that is available to all of us; a balanced and versatile plant-based diet rich with fruit, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds.“

Animals' Friends highlight that due to consuming high levels of fiber which give a sense of satiety, transferring to vegan diet people lose their weight fast, especially in the first several months and the majority of vegans have a lower body weight ratio. At the same time, there is no renunciation and strict diets; results are well seen despite enjoying many plant-based ingredients. There is also a reminder from the Organisation to the newest researches which confirm that the entry of plant-based protein is connected to lower death rate and lower risk of heart and vascular diseases. On the other side, people with excessive weight are exposed to many serious diseases and are in lack oxygen in their blood and tissues, which puts them at greater risk for complications connected to Covid-19 and the illness itself.

While experts a connection of obesity and the new coronavirus call „collision of two pandemics“, Animals' Friends conclude that transferring to a vegan diet is an easy and simple key to a healthy and long-lived life as well as the preservation of heavier types of Covid-19. „ Whilst meat, eggs, and milk increase the formation of slime, which negatively interfere with the functioning of white blood cells which again protect our organism from damaging impact of microorganisms, plant-based ingredients are rich with antioxidants and phytochemicals that protect us from various diseases. ”

At www.veganopolis.net all interested may apply to the Veggie challenge and every day throughout 30 days, they will receive recipes of delicious vegan meals as well as useful and encouraging information related to own health improvement as well as benefits of veganism for all of us.

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