08/28/18 The best sea food is animal free

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Animal Friends Announced a New Cookbook With 14 Recipes

- E-cookbook "Green Dishes for Blue Sea" as a follow-up to the "Respect our Sea" campaign

Animal Friends continue the campaign to save the sea and its inhabitants with a very practical and interesting project, a free e-cookbook, published under the title "Green Dishes for Blue Sea" and containing 14 vegan Mediterranean recipes.

Adriatic pâté, pasta with tofu and vegetables à la tuna, fish ragu without fish, mushroom à la brodeto, potato à la codfish, carrots as smoked salmon, zucchini in sea wrapping, tofu and chips, artichoke sea fingers, sea burgers with jackfruit and beans, cold chickpea salad sandwiches à la tuna, pesto, vegan sushi and Adriatic scone à la Komiza are recipes that will awaken anyone's appetite.

Ana Mihalic, the creator of the dishes and photos, states in the foreword that this cookbook was born from the desire to inspire us to continue enjoying the treasures of the sea through it's herbs and algae, as well as that many dishes can be easily adjusted so as not to include fish and other living aquatics: "The dishes in this cookbook are not based on anyone's anxiety and pain, but on healthy vegetables, grains and legumes. In addition to the ingredients mentioned in each of the recipes, the main ingredients of this cookbook are love of life and animals, empathy, compassion, ethics and sustainability of living. "

She also emphasizes that fish feel pain like other animals, and in this ability to feel pain scientists equate them with dogs and cats. People often don't see fish even as living beings, but only as food that swims. However, observing their behaviour we see that fish clearly express their desire to live and be free and have their own purpose and importance of existence.

She mentions that as much as 90% of large fish populations have been exterminated in the world over the last 50 years and that our Adriatic Sea is also in great danger of overfishing, pollution and climate change. The fish production industry is the cruellest in figures by the number of killed individuals every year. In Croatia 83 318 tons of fish have been caught and raised in 2017.

The cookbook is the continuation of the "Let's Respect our sea" campaign launched by Animal Friends in cooperation with Eurogroup for Animals organization. After sending free prepress layouts of the educational signboards to ban fishing on beaches to the coastal cities and municipalities, and the appeal to retail chains not to sell live fish and crabs for human consumption at their stores, Animal Friends set up billboards with the message "Fish in the sea, vegetables on the plate. Sea animals feel pain like we do. Let's respect their lives and freedom. " in thirty cities.

The "Green Dishes for Blue Sea" cookbook, which can be downloaded, indicates that choosing gourmet vegan specialties can be the concrete and most effective way of saving the sea life and a better future for all living beings.

E-cookbook 'Green dishes for blue sea'Recipe for cookbook 'Green dishes for blue sea'

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