09/04/08 A Minute for Animals in Transport

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Animal Friends calls to sign a petition

Every year, hundreds of thousands of animals suffer illness, injury, exhaustion and stress as they are transported across Europe for slaughter.

Not only is transport extremely cruel – animals travel for days in extremely hot, dirty, cramped conditions – these journeys have long been rendered unnecessary.

Currently, EU laws protecting animals from the worst abuses during transport are not strongly enforced, allowing this cruelty to continue. But this October offers a chance for a change.

Next month, the long distance transport of live animals will be debated by those with the power not only to enforce and improve welfare regulations in Europe, but to put an end to long journeys.

There is strength in numbers. Animal Friends invites citizens of the Republic of Croatia to sign a letter to the Commissioner Androulla Vasilliou, thus sparing a minute and helping in making the strongest possible call for better animal welfare in the European Union. To sign the letter click here.

Before decisions are made in October that will affect thousands of animals annually, the Handle with Care Coalition, whose member is also Animal Friends, will present signatures to the EU Commissioner to demonstrate the strength of public opinion.

With our backing, the Coalition will ask her to spare thousands of horses, sheep, cows, veals, pigs and other animals raised on farms from pain and distress.

And what kind of pain is in question we can imagine if we recall the recent agony of 36 pregnant cows who traveled more than 70 hours from Czech Republic to Bosnia and Herzegovina, mostly due to bad administrative problems through which they had to wait more than 30 hours on the border crossing Zupanja-Orasje.

Animal Friends sent its opinion on the Regulation of Live Animal Transport, that is the revision of Regulation No 1/2005 on the protection of animals during transport to the Croatian Ministry of Agriculture, Fishery and Rural Development and the European Commission, which can be seen at the Animal Friends' web site.

For more information on animal transport and the continuation of the campaign against live animal transport please visit www.prijatelji-zivotinja.hr and www.handlewithcare.tv.




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