03/01/21 Almost 30 000 people have signed Ban the Chain petition!

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National campaign “Croatia without dogs on a chain” shows its first results

- A huge interest in stopping animal torture– let's change history at www.zabranimolanac.net

The petition for the complete ban of chaining dogs was released on February 26, 2021., and almost 30 000 people have signed it in just two days! This petition is a part of the national campaign “Croatia without dogs on a chain”, which was started by Animal Shelter Friends from akovec, Victorius Association, Animal Friends Croatia, and more than fifty members of the Network for animal protection.

This campaign, which promotes a complete ban on chaining dogs, was inspired by numerous experiences from different associations for animal protection all over Croatia. They witness, on a daily basis, the consequences of inadequate legal animal protection, and recognize the necessity of its formation and implementation. Recent examples that portray this situation show disturbing photos of dogs rescued from areas hit by an earthquake, and in retrospect, the situation was not any better for the dogs rescued from flooding of the Gunja area in May 2014.

These heartbreaking photos represent Croatia’s harsh reality when it comes to animal protection – the reality that is hard to grasp from the photos, and it is even harder to imagine how it must be living in these conditions. „This is the reality that we can and must change, and this is the right moment“, states the associations and ask everybody to visit the website www.zabranimolanac.net and sign the petition for banning the chain. Numerous associations, organizations, firms, distinguished individuals, and citizens have already supported the campaign as well as the petition. In addition, a well-known firm has launched its spring campaign “Know when to cut”, which was presented on more than 350 billboards, and was dedicated exclusively to this goal – Croatia without dogs on a chain!

Social media are swamped with hashtags such as #ZabranimoLanac, #ZaHrvatskuBezPasaNaLancu, #TrebaZnatiPrerezati, and #SramotnoZaHrvatsku. Associations state: “Sign the petition, share this information and be a part of historic changes for dogs in Croatia as well as a part of saving thousands of lives”.

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