02/27/24 World Spay Day

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Animal Friends called on local communities to mark today's date by funding neutering

Neutered animals live better and longer and they are less prone to tumors and injuries

World Spay Day is celebrated today all around the world. On that occasion, the Animal Friends association wrote to local self-government units, pointing out the importance of implementing a program of neutering free-ranging cats and co-financing neutering of dogs and cats with owners. Since cities and municipalities are obliged to finance the care of abandoned dogs and cats in their territory, by financing neutering they prevent their uncontrolled reproduction and they save in the long term as they allocate significantly less funds for the costs of caring for abandoned animals.

The Association called on local communities to mark this day with promotion on social networks, education through posters in city and municipal premises, distribution of leaflets on the legal obligations of pet owners along with payment slips for utility services, and best of all, financing the neutering of animals.

"Neutering is the most convenient and effective way to prevent the birth of unwanted dogs and cats. We must always keep in mind that over the course of seven years, just one female dog and her offspring can give birth to 67,000 puppies, and just one cat and her offspring can give birth to as many as 420,000 kittens. This causes suffering to animals and creates enormous pressure on local self-government units, shelters and associations for the protection of animals," emphasizes dr. med. vet. Svjetlana Prodanovi.

She adds that abandoned animals end up in overcrowded shelters or suffer by being left sick, hungry, thirsty, poisoned, suffocated, drowned, wounded and run over: "Unwanted reproduction of dogs and cats is the main cause of animal abandonment. Therefore, we appeal to all citizens to prevent the suffering and death of animals by neutering their pets. By neutering, the animal gets a chance for a better and longer life and they are less prone to tumors and injuries. Neutering helps both the physical and mental health of animals and makes it easier for them to coexist with humans."

World Spay Day began in 1995 at the initiative of Hollywood actress Doris Day and her organization Doris Day Animal League. Since then, every year on the last Tuesday in February in over 70 countries around the world, the importance of neutering male and female dogs and cats is pointed out to reduce the number of abandoned animals, prevent the transmission of many diseases and generally improve their health.

"We appeal to everyone not to abandon animals, to adopt dogs and cats instead of buying them and to neuter their pets, as well as free-ranging cats, and to contribute to the well-being of both animals and people with responsible behaviour," says Animal Friends. They call on local communities to follow the example of many cities and municipalities that regularly (co)finance the costs of neutering pets.

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