06/28/21 Let Adoption Be Your Greatest Life's Achievement

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Winner of the Porin award for her life's work in the "Family to the seaside, dog to the street?!" campaign

zdenka kovacicek- campaign Family on vacation, dog to the street [ 114.11 Kb ]

- June 30th, 2021 at 11 AM, Caffe de Mato: Zdenka Kova鋱鋀k in the company of dogs from the shelter

Legendary singer and first lady of jazz-rock Zdenka Kova鋱鋀k, recipient of numerous awards, and recently Porin for her life's work, is the face of the "Family to the seaside, dog to the street?!" campaign, with which the Animal Friends Croatia association has been educating about responsible care for dogs and cats for 19 years in a row. In front of the lens of the photographer Domagoj Kuni, who also adopted a female dog rescued from the earthquake, our music diva posed with dogs upavi and Vili from the Dumovec shelter and with Danelly from the Noah’s Ark association. In the visuals, with the message "Adoption - your greatest life's work", Zdenka invites everyone to recognize a new family member in them.

The presentation of the campaign will be held on Wednesday, June 30th, 2021 at 11 AM on Zagreb's Ma骷rani Square as part of the Caffe de Mato event. Apart from Zdenka Kova鋱鋀k, who uses her powerful vocals to save animals, the four-legged cutie pies from the Dumovec shelter and the Noina Arka association will also be there on behalf of all those who are waiting, all over Croatia, for their homes and families.

"I never miss an opportunity to help abandoned, hungry, abused and neglected animals. Not everyone is into music and can’t win a Porin for their life’s work as I do, but for anyone who loves animals, adopting can be their greatest life’s work with which they will save someone’s life. If you want an animal, be sure to take one from the shelter, don't buy them!” said Zdenka. Her heart is always wide open to abandoned animals, which she has been helping all her life with her work, donations, charity concerts and participation in campaigns.

A few months ago, she recorded a short video in which she called all those with a heart to support the campaign "For Croatia without dogs on a chain" and sign a petition for a national ban on keeping dogs on a chain. In addition, she has already held several charity concerts to help abandoned animals. In the video on the occasion of the Animal Protection Network campaign, "Either you turn a blind eye or you are for castration", she joked with her famous song "Frka [eng. fuss]" and called on citizens to make a fuss and write to their cities and municipalities and ask for the introduction of mandatory sterilization.

"I went to the Noah's Ark shelter on several occasions and helped to adopt several dogs, we rescued them to the best of our knowledge and ability. How difficult it is when these wonderful creatures call on you with their eyes and paws to take them and help them", Zdenka Kova鋱鋀k describes touchingly. She herself adopted a grown-up female dog Mia from the Noah's Ark shelter, who survived severe harassment, and with whom she spent six wonderful years, loved and cared for her until the very end.

Koraljka Petrinovi from the Animal Friends Croatia association points out: "We thank Zdenka for her selfless contribution in creating this year's “Family to the seaside, dog to the street?!” campaign. We are thrilled by her inexhaustible positive energy and her encouragement of the public to be responsible animal carers - to adopt dogs and cats instead of buying animals, to not abandon pets, to neuter and keep dogs as family members, and not on a chain. We urge everyone not to leave their animals before going on vacation, and if they have the conditions, to adopt a dog or a cat.”

Animal Friends Croatia would like to thank from the bottom of their hearts all the others who voluntarily contributed to the realization of the visual for the "Adoption - Your greatest life work" campaign: photographer Domagoj Kuni, make-up artist Sa鈴 Kne頡vi, Dumovec shelter and Noah’s Ark association who take care of upavi, Vili and Dellany. The "Family to the seaside, dog to the street?!" campaign was realized in cooperation with the companies Arto and Europlakat.

zdenka kovacicek- campaign Family on vacation, dog to the street [ 103.01 Kb ]

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