09/27/17 Over 100,000 dogs in Croatia still not vaccinated or microchipped

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With World Rabies Day approaching, Animal Friends Croatia draws attention to this alarming fact

- The organization is calling for the signing of the petition and reminding of the importance of fulfilling legal responsibilities.

The Croatian Ministry of Agriculture announced that this fall, it will be carrying out the action of oral vaccination of foxes with the goal of preventing the spread of rabies. Animal Friends Croatia applauds this multiannual program aimed at eradicating rabies, as well as all other efforts focused on making Croatia a rabies-free country. With World Rabies Day approaching on September 28th, our organization is drawing attention to an alarming fact: an estimated 100,000 dogs in Croatia are still not vaccinated or microchipped. This not only puts entire communities in danger, but also leads to dog abandonment!

In Croatia, the microchipping of dogs has been a legal requirement since 2004, while compulsory rabies vaccination goes back decades before that. Most dog guardians fulfill their legal responsibilities, showing care and responsibility for their dogs, other animals and people. However, more than 30 percent of citizens do not vaccinate or microchip their dogs, thereby causing great damage. It is high time and in everyone’s interest that strict inspections and sanctions be implemented to deal with such irresponsible citizens, which is already a legal requirement under Croatia’s Animal Protection Act and Veterinary Act.

These actions would also help right another injustice, which is to annul the legal requirement that forces responsible dog guardians to vaccinate their dogs every year. Rather, responsible guardians should follow the instructions provided by vaccine manufacturers, which is the method recommended by the competent authorities of the EU. We currently find ourselves in an absurd situation whereby the responsible majority of people are forced to overvaccinate their dogs, while the irresponsible minority have never even taken their dogs to the veterinarian. The penalty for avoiding the compulsory microchipping of dogs is 6,000 kuna and it can be easily implemented.

This is why Animal Friends calls on all Croatian citizens to sign the petition for the regulation and control of compulsory rabies vaccination and microchipping for dogs. Animal Friends also appeals to all local communities, municipal services monitoring officers, veterinary inspectors and veterinarians to carry out regular inspections, which is required under the Animal Protection Act.

Messages on poster below:
Your choice, your responsibility!
Dog without a microchip = penalty up to 6.000 kuna
Zvon鋱ca Vukovi in the campaign Family to the beach, dog to the streets?!

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