08/06/09 Spaying/Neutering Saves Lives

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Ivana Kindl and Woody in a campaign for acting responsibly towards the animals

- Animal Friends and Ivana Kindl point out the importance of spaying/neutering companion animals

In a seven-year period, a single cat and her offspring can give birth to more than 100,000 kittens, while a single dog and her offspring can produce more than 60,000 puppies! These cats and dogs do not live in wilderness. They live together with humans, and their uncontrolled propagation causes great suffering in the form of unwanted and abandoned animals.

Animal Friends has launched a campaign for acting responsibly towards the animals, in which Ivana Kindl and her tomcat Woody invite everyone from billboards placed in Zagreb, Karlovac, Osijek, Rijeka, Split, Pula, Zadar, Pozega, and other major towns to be responsible guardians and spay/neuter their companion animals in order to diminish the number of abandoned animals and their suffering and death.

Ivana and Woody were photographed by Marishe. Ivana's image was created by hairstylist Petra Granic, make-up artist Ivana Simunic, and fashion stylist Ivan Friscic. The poster was designed by Maja Zaklan.

Art. 48, par. 5 and 6 of Animal Protection Act says that guardians of companion animals are responsible for their birth control and must provide for their offspring in case of uncontrolled propagation. If they fail to do so, they may be fined with 5,000 to15,000 kuna for private persons or 30,000 to 50,000 thousand kuna for corporate subjects.

Spaying/neutering prevents overpopulation in companion animals and their unnecessary, violent killing, since it is often difficult or even impossible to find home for unwanted kittens and puppies. Moreover, it prevents psychological suffering in animals that can't satisfy their natural instincts, as well as the development of numerous diseases such as breast or uterine cancer, sepsis, prostate and testicles cancer. Spayed/neutered animals also live longer. It is a simple, routine operation and animals need only a few hours to recuperate.

Despite the great problem of homeless animals in Croatia, there are no special programs for spaying/neutering stray or abandoned animals, even though it would significantly diminish their numbers. Instead, these animals are left to roam around our towns, only because the local communities, which should implement such programs, do nothing.

This campaign directly continues the previous campaign against abandoning companion animals before going on vacation. Animal Friends calls on the citizens to act responsibly towards their companion animals and prevent them from suffering locked in the cages of animal shelters.

"Prevention is always better than cure and, when you think of all those innocent lives at stake, it is clear that spaying and neutering animals show responsibility, since thus we can save them from dying. I think that we should act more responsibly towards our companion animals and we also shouldn’t forget all those other cats and dogs that are awaiting our help," Ivana Kindl said regarding the campaign.

The campaign has been sponsored by the National Foundation for Civil Society Development, Zagreb City Office for Agriculture and Forestry, Zale, Arto, Europlakat, P.I.O., Vectordesign, and Lotusgraf.

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