04/20/08 Is TV becoming a Slaughterhouse?

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Animal Friends is embittered because of the slaughter performed in the reality show "The Farm" and proceeds against Nova TV for breaching the law

Animal Friends will bring a charge of violating the Animal Protection Act. Article 4, paragraph 11, which strictly prohibits the use and injury of animals in film and television productions.

Animal Friends will also report to the Chamber for Electronic Media for violation of the law, because of the unethical work of Nova TV. Slaughter of animals for entertainment and television productions is inadmissible and shameful.

The pig who was slaughtered was brought in exceptionally for the TV production into the open studio of Nova TV which bears full responsibility for this brutal act. Nova TV did not prevent the killing of the pig even though it was warned that this act was not only inappropriate for the show but is also against the law.

We expect the slaughter to be shown without any censorship and in full length and that the producers the "The Farm" won't sanctimoniously hide the cruelty of slaughter that happened in their studio with their permission from the public.

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