01/16/08 Cloned Suffering

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Animal Friends expresses its concerns about the announcement of selling cloned animal meat

Animal Friends is strictly against the permission of selling cloned animal meat in the EU and therefore points out that Croatia should clearly say NO to such intentions. Animal Friends will send a letter to the appropriate Ministry pleading for a timely ban on any import and selling of cloned animal meat in Croatia.

Right now over 50 billion animals a year are raised on farms all over the world. They are turned into biological machines, fed unnatural food, and their meat, full of hormones, antibiotics and pesticides, is sold in stores. When we add mad cow disease, bird flu and genetic engineering to all that, we can see that nobody needs cloned animal meat. In fact, eating meat is one completely unnecessary human habit, very harmful for human health and the environment. Step by step, the exploitation of animals is leading to destruction of mankind and Earth altogether.

Using hybridization, antibiotics, genetic modification and cloning, the meat industry is trying to get monstrous animals whose only purpose would be to give us meat products, as many as possible. Due to the cloning, animals suffer even more. They often get sick and die earlier, but this fact does not bother the big meat industry at all. They do not care about animals or human suffering or devastation of the environment caused by eating meat. Their only concern is how to make big money. That is why it is so important that every individual becomes aware of the strength of her/his own free choice, and that s/he realizes s/he can help change the world by changing her/his own diet. Animal cloning is only one of the numerous reasons for vegetarianism – a reason for the way of life that excludes animal suffering and devastation of the environment, and also protects the human body from malignant diseases and an early death.

Therefore Animal Friends call upon responsible institutions to ban cloned animal meat in Croatia, and to advise citizens to stop eating meat and to take up a more conscientious and ethical diet.

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