02/11/08 Nova TV's Blood Lust?

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Animal Friends is disgusted due to the announcements of the reality show "The Farm" in Croatia

It is well known that Animal Friends opposes the killing of animals for human food, seeing it as something unnecessary and cruel and also emphasize the undeniable ecological and health reasons for a meat-free diet. However, killing animals in the reality show "The Farm" is not "just" about killing animals for food, but in the first place is about slaughter of animals for amusement and increasing popularity.

"The Farm" is no documentary broadcast but a spectacle with the purpose of entertainment and amusement. Slaughtering living beings – which is the most cruel relationship of human towards animal – as a part of an entertaining scheme, can not increase the reputation of Nova TV or Croatia in any way.

Animal Friends opposes this exploitation of animals for "art" or amusement and more severely disapprove with their torturing and killing for the same reasons.

"The Farm" is about artificially set up circumstances. People are put under not everyday situation and animals are dragged to be exposed to brutality, without any choice to refuse in this man-made show.

"One component of 'The Farm' could be that people understand killing animals for food is not necessary, because it is unbelievable how this is suppressed in our heads. For example, people can not even conceive the fact that over 50 billion animals are killed only on farms every year. On the other side, it is more likely that people will become more callous after demonstrating the killing of animals as fun, when their needlessly spilled blood will be presented as something normal," says Luka Oman, president of Animal Friends.

Animal Friends and many citizens as well will no doubt react keenly if in the Croatian version of the reality show "The Farm" will come up with scenes as seen in the Slovenian version. It is blatant that the exploitation and killing of animals is uncalled-for to make a good television show and Nova TV has to have that in mind. Until now Nova TV proved to be conscientious regarding animal matters, what after all is required in its business ethics.

Slaughter is no top level TV entertainment, such as "The Farm" is announced to be, and Nova TV as well as potential competitors who would have blood on their hands should be aware of the fact – in front of TV screens or behind the scene of "The Farm" reality – that the time of gladiator fights is behind us.

Video footage from the Slovenian version of "The Farm" can be seen at www.index.hr/vijesti/clanak/video-kultura-klanja-na-balkanu/373979.aspx

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