11/16/07 Heather Mills - an Animal Friend

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Heather Mills visited Animal Friends

Vegan and animal rights activist, Heather Mills, visited Animal Friends to show her support to the development of the animal rights movement and vegetarianism in Croatia.

In a one-hour-long conversation Animal Friends' members spoke with Heather Mills about animal protection and rights in Croatia. During the conversation she praised the legal ban on breeding animals for fur and gives her support to the campaign for a ban on import of Chinese dog and cat fur. Heather also praised the Croatian ban on import of seal fur and she looks forward to the further increase of the number of vegetarians and vegans in Croatia.

Heather Mills is a famous vegetarian and animal advocate, and particularly she is famous for her involvement against the use of landmines, and promoting vegetarianism and animal rights.

The famous activist has been actively involved with Britain's leading vegetarian, vegan and animal rights organization Viva! in the investigation of the restrictive farrowing crates used for sows who are suckling piglets at a pig farm in the UK. To hear Heather talking about the horrible conditions of pigs in these farrowing crates click here www.viva.org.uk/heathervideo. Mill's has been also actively involved with the Juliet Gellatley's Vegetarian and Vegan Foundation. Juliet only recently visited Animal Friends in Croatia.

When Heather attended a debate on fur at the Oxford Union, she gave a prearranged signal to her sister Fiona who stood up, faced the audience and turned on the body TV which had been hidden under her coat. It showed a dog being skinned alive and its piercing screams of agony shrieked out into the hall.

In March last year Heather Mills ventured to eastern Canada to bring attention to the country's annual seal hunt. Sponsored by the Humane Society of the United States, she claimed the hunt was inhumane and called on the Canadian government to put it to an end. Her arrival on the floes sparked much attention in Newfoundland and Labrador where 90% of the sealers live. Due to the intense media attention, she had a debate on Larry King Live.

On 10th September 2005, Heather received the Humanitarian Award from PETA at their 25th Anniversary Gala in Hollywood.

"Following a plant-based diet not only benefits your health massively but also makes a huge difference to the planet, to animals and to feeding the world. I hate the cruelty of factory farming. I could never go back to eating meat, fish or dairy," said Heather Mills.

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