09/04/06 Open Letter to President Mesic

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Att. Stjepan Mesic
Pantovcak 241
10000 Zagreb

September 4, 2006

Dear Mr. Mesic,

We are writing to you on account of the articles entitled "Breams Were in Trouble – and We Almost Joined Them!" and "The Capital Score for the President," published in the Open Sea magazine on August 25, 2006, pages 18-23.

We have found the mentioned articles shocking and revolting, since we consider it utterly inappropriate that a public leader and a distinguished personality such as state president should promote any kind of violence in public, even as his private hobby.

Your statements and the utterly tasteless titles published along with your photographs from the "hunt" are an insulting example of disrespect for the life of others. We deeply regret that the fish, who feel pain and possess intelligence, should be considered mere objects serving our entertainment and personal caprices.

In the attachment to this public letter, we are enclosing some information on fish, which is intended to show that breams, smelts, and other sea and freshwater fish can feel pain just as your dog Fong does. If you would not catch your Fong on the hook, we plead with you not to do it to the fish or other animals.

On this occasion, we would like to point out the distinguished and shining example of Mr. Janez Drnovsek, president of the neighboring Republic of Slovenia, who criticizes and condemns violence against all living beings, both in his private life and in his public activities, and never kills for his private amusement, distraction, or entertainment.

We would appreciate if you showed this letter to your family, which tries to observe as compassionate and healthy eating habits as possible.

We hope that you will accept this letter in good will, just as it was written, and that in the future we shall be able to read your statements filled with compassion, understanding for the suffering of other living beings, and respect for their lives. We are sending you our best wishes.

Luka Oman


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