01/31/06 Slaughter of a Pig in the Heart of Novi Zagreb!

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Animal Friends reacts to holding and killing animals in the city and reports about unprecedented case of confinement of pig in a city of Zagreb

In spite of disapproval of neighbors and residents of the building in Zemljakova ulica in Zagreb's city district Sopot, for 15 years, their neighbor Marija Bogojevic has been breeding and killing animals on the public green area on the opposite side of the buildings, which is not even her propriety, and none of the inspection have reacted about it yet!

Blood and manure near skyscrapers

Namely, just along the street on the green area between Sopot and Slobostina, Marija Bogojevic, on the garbage and refuse heap, in improvised dirty dwellings, cobbled together with planks, at this moment holds a pig, chickens and a duck.

The animals are left in their own excrement, on the ground, exposed to the cold and humidity, in filth and unhygienic conditions, and in dungeons surrounded by garbage, there's a liquid-manure pit with animal excrement.

It is unacceptable and disgraceful for the city of Zagreb, which should think about its culture and ethical treatment of animals, to allow its citizens to blatantly and illegally use public grounds for breeding of animals in extremely cold weather and humiliating conditions as they have for years and, further, to tolerate their slaughter in the middle of the town. Although, according to the decision of the municipal order of the city of Zagreb, keeping domestic animals in the city area is prohibited, due to inactivity and inefficiency of authorized inspections and lack of control, individuals are unobstructedly exploiting and killing animals, thus breaking the law.

There's a need for urgent sanctioning and bans

Besides the illegal keeping of pigs, chickens and a duck on the public grounds, Marija Bogojevic also lacks appropriate housing and zoo-hygienic conditions to actually keep these animals. She uses public green area for manure and garbage disposal, where she abuses animals and potentially jeopardizes the health of the people.

That is why Animal Friends reported Marija Bogojevic to the municipal workers and to the veterinary, stock, and sanitary inspection, asking for urgent supervision, because she announced the slaughter of the pig for already this week. We are asking that inspectors sanction Marija Bogojevic with fines and permanently prohibit her from keeping, breeding and slaughtering of animals on an area that is not her property, and where she currently illegally keeps and kills them.

Cases like these are showing us what people are ready to do to get animal meat, which is not just unnecessary to them, but also harms their health and the environment.

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