11/01/07 Animal Rights and Political Programs

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Animal Friends appeals to political parties and politicians

Animal Friends at the very beginning of the election campaign warns political parties and politicians about the importance of political advocacy for animal rights. The matters related to animal rights and welfare are becoming an ever more important part of politics. Therefore every serious political party should also have plans in its platform for the improvement of relationships toward animals and environment whose neglect causes drastic decrease of life quality and standard.

The fact that in the Dutch Parliament there are two animal rights party representatives gives a clear message that European citizens, as well as Croatian citizens expect from their politicians to make a stand for animal rights and protection and moreover demand to see actual progress made in these issues.

What are the matters like in Croatia? Which parties and politicians have contacted organizations to learn more on animal rights and protection? Which party has at least one paragraph concerning animal rights in its election platform? Which politician is, and how well, informed about the animal rights movement and how much do animal rights issues actually matter to them?

How many politicians and which political parties work for further improvement of laws and regulations regarding animal protection and do they make sure that the current laws are properly implemented? It is also very important to advocate for wild animals and their habitats, to preserve areas such as nature reservations and to raise voice against killing of animals for fashion or glamour.

It is also questionable how many politicians and political parties are aware that there are over 160,000 of vegetarians and vegans in Croatia and what do politicians and parties know about the lack of vegetarian meals in public institutions. Do they know how much trouble do pregnant women go through in our hospitals, or students in the canteens, or vegetarian children in kindergartens and schools just because they choose to eat healthier and are more ecologically aware than the most? Which of the politicians will take time to help solve these issues due to the permanently rising number of people who chose a nonviolent diet?

Political parties and politicians also disregard the urgent problems of global warming, overexploitation of natural resources and pollution which are directly linked to meat industry and eating habits.

There are only few politicians who are aware of the importance and necessity of education of children and youth about (non)violence to animals and about the direct link between violence to animals and violence in general, of the necessity of imposing the Animal Protection Act, which is in the best interest of human and non-human animals, and who are willing to encourage further legal changes for the benefit of animal rights and protection.

All the questions from above demand answers, and these answers will help voters to make a decision on the oncoming elections.

To prevent this election campaign from being wasted merely on debates, Animal Friends call the political parties and politicians to show their best in their programs, public appearances, plans and promises also by advocating for animal rights and for the development of a non-violent society and sustainable coexistence of people and animal species.



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