03/30/13 Have Mothers Approved Allowing their Children to Be Used in Pates?

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Animal Friends reacts to pate commercial

Animal Friends wants to warn the public about the pate that contains conscious beings' body parts that are certainly not appropriate to be food for children. Not one pate needs to be a product of violence. There is an unbelievably large choice of vegetable pates made from beans, lentil, soya, chickpeas, mushrooms and other ingredients that are truly healthy for children and adults, which are also taste delicious.

Animal Friends is asking if animal mothers have given consent for allowing their children to be taken and made into pates and also if they have willingly sacrificed themselves? Don't they, as well as their children, have the right to grow up, have a family and grow old? Why is it necessary to deceive the public and call such mistreatment and killing of animals a healthy product when this is not true.

The company that produces the pate announced that mothers approved of their pate after visiting the factory plant, by publishing photos on their web page of mothers that have been taken from the photo agency Shutterstock.

Have the mothers, if they visited the factory at all, seen how the animals are being bred, what slaughter houses look like and do they really want to endorse this for themselves and their children? We believe that if they had proper information, they would choose a vegetable pate that doesn't need to be justified as healthy and does not contribute to the abuse of other living creatures by its existence.

Animal Friends invites mothers to think about mother cows, pigs, turkeys, chickens, tunas and other fish whose motherhood is equally important to them and who had the choice of their life and life of their children taken away. For the welfare of your children please read the ingredients list on every product, take a look inside the breeding factory and slaughter houses, and protect yourselves and your children from marketing pretence.

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