03/07/17 Exploitation of Women

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On Women's Day: Brutal manipulation of the female reproductive system

- The Connection Between Women's Rights Activism and Animal Rights Activism

On the International Women's Day, Animal Friends Croatia supports women's rights activism and human rights in general. A centennial struggle has brought significant shifts in creating a more just society. However, many of the secured rights are being violated and questioned once again, so the struggle continues.

Animal Friends Croatia highlights the connection between those struggles and the struggle for animal rights. Animals are being treated as objects of consumption, subordination, abuse, and killing by dominant humans just because they have the power to do so. People are removing animal’s identities and causing animals pain and suffering.

The meat, dairy, and egg industries are based on the brutal exploitation of the female reproductive system. Cows, pigs, hens, and other animals are being used as live machines in order to produce as much meat, milk, and eggs as they can. They are being deprived of motherhood and their children. They live in an ongoing cycle of forced reproduction and captivity. Humans are unmercifully subjecting animals to actions so cruel that if those actions were instead done to another human being, the abusers would face life imprisonment as the only appropriate punishment for the crime.

Cows are exploited by frequent, forced impregnation in "rape racks" and induced into cruel cycles of pregnancy in order to produce as much milk as they can. Their calves are taken from them at birth and sent to slaughterhouses. Their bodies are genetically manipulated to produce as much as five times more milk than they would naturally produce for their child. Male chicks, considered "waste" by the egg industry, are killed in masses. Chickens are exploited for their eggs. Piglets are taken from their mothers to produce sucklings and ensure the speedy re-impregnation of mother pigs, causing them to go insane, neurotically chewing on the bars of their cages. These are only a few of the painful experiences suffered by billions of innocent animals every day.

As long as there are apologetic arguments and legislation to allow violence toward species that we've made dependent on human empathy and ethical awareness, there will be no social progress for all people.

On the International Women's Day, Animal Friends Croatia wishes to encourage the idea of a more just world for everyone, no matter their class, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, age, or species.

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