04/07/15 Greater Food Safety Without Meat!

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The World Health Day without ignoring the facts about meat and meat industry

- The adversity of animal proteins and toxicity of the meat industry are still almost unknown issues to the public

The theme of this year's World Health Day, which is celebrated every year on April 7 under the auspices of the World Health Organization, is associated with the consumption of wholesome healthful food. The aim is to protect consumers from the potential risks of food poisoning, as well as from diseases transmitted by food.

The Animal Friends Croatia thus cautions anew against the proven detrimental effect of the animal proteins on health, catastrophic hygienic conditions in the food industry of animal origin, as well as the high percentage of hazardous substances that are specifically introduced into animal organisms in breeding, and therefore also into the organisms of humans who consume their meat, milk and eggs. Due to the profit of the big companies, the immeasurable damage is brought to the humans around the world.

Today's factory farming, which reaches the figures of over 60 billion animals per year that are killed for human consumption and the transfromation of living beings into biological machines is resulting in, among other things, the emergence of infectious diseases that can quickly turn into a pandemic of unforeseeable consequences. By the ejection of animal origin foods from the diet, we are also ejecting mad cow disease, bird flu, trichinosis and salmonella.

The overpopulation in most meat production industrial plants creates incredible unhygienic conditions. The animals are sick in huge percentages, covered with feces and open wounds and surrounded by rotting corpses of other animals. Sick animals are generally not treated because it is not profitable, and are often included with the healthy animals on the fast production lines of the slaughterhouse, and later also on the store shelves.

Factory farming would not be as profitable without massive spending of several million antibiotics and pesticides per year. The animals store toxins from the lowest quality food in their meet, contaminated with pesticides. Their meat contains about 14 times more pesticides than plant foods, and dairy products contain up to five times more pesticides. Due to the dangerous doses of hormones, today's cows secrete two to three times more milk than former cows.

Although the fish is considered a healthy alternative to the meat of mammals and poultry, their meat is full of toxins like mercury and lead from the ocean, and the hygienic conditions in the fish farms are among the worst in the food industry. Furthermore, we should add the alarming fact that the tens of thousands of medicines for animals are currently being used in the industry. 90 percent of these medicines are not approved for human consumption.

Numerous studies have confirmed that plant-based diet protects against many diseases, typical for today's diet filled with meat products and other foods of animal origin, and also aids with healing and improving even the most serious heart diseases and diabetes.

The Animal Friends Croatia invites all to enjoy the vegan diet on the World Health Day, but also on all other days of the year, as by doing so they directly helps animals and the planet, and provide a safer and healthier diet for themselves.

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