07/28/14 Murderer Should Await Trial In Prison!

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Animal Friends on the massacre of dogs in Donji Andrijevci

- Poor enforcement of the law encourages abusers and murderers of animals

News of the horror that happened last Saturday in Donji Andrijevci shocked the public. A man slaughtered two dogs and tried to stab another two who managed to survive. Their barking bothered him. This news from the crime section is no different from many similar reports over the past years. Croatia is obviously a country that, despite existing legislation, has an extremely high tolerance for abusers and murderers of all kinds.

It is unacceptable that the killer is, after the massacre of dogs and the threat that next time he would slaughter children too, left at large. Animal Friends appeal for the killer to be immediately placed in custody and await trial in jail! Due to the benevolent treatment of abusers and murderers, the governing institutions are directly responsible for the lack of implementation of existing laws—inaction that has been associated with numerous cases of animal torture and killings, as well as repeat offenses of the same or similar misdemeanours and felonies.

According to Article 205 of the Penal Code, whoever kills an animal without reasonable cause or abuses it, inflicts unnecessary pain or exposes it to unnecessary suffering, shall be punished by imprisonment not exceeding one year. Also, according to the Law on Offences Against Public Order and Peace in a Public Place, whoever abuses or otherwise badly treats animals, shall be fined with a monetary fine. According to the Animal Protection Act, a person that kills animals, causes them pain, suffering or injury or intentionally exposes them to fear shall be fined between 10,000 and 15,000 kuna.

Animal protection associations and the public who are sensitive to animal suffering no longer wish to gather yearly statistics of the most brutal crimes on animals. The public does not want to watch as other beings suffer at the hands of human savagery. They do not want to bear witness to the continued murder of animals, children and other vulnerable groups due to institutional inaction and symbolically small fines handed out to abusers and murderers. What's more, they do not want to live in fear of their psychologically deranged neighbours and hide in fear that these cruel neighbours will, just as they torture their animals, also do the same to them.

Compassionate citizens and animal protection organizations responsibly solve problems that should be dealt with by state institutions, and they make great efforts to help abandoned, tortured and abused animals. Animal Friends appeal to the municipal public prosecutors and courts to sanction cases of animal abuse and killings by prescribing the maximum penalties available. There is no justification for bullying the weak ones. No other punishment but for the most strict one can be justified under any circumstances.

Animal Friends would also like to remind all of the daily slaughter of millions of animals for human consumption. Just like the slaughtered dogs in Donji Andrijevci, these animals also suffer and die in agony with their throats cut. Each of us can prevent this by changing our eating habits.

Tips for handling cases of the abandonment, neglect, abuse and killing of animals can be found here.

Photos from the Facebook page Veselo Dvoriste.

dog Mala - before operation [ 87.43 Kb ]dog Mala - after operation [ 71.13 Kb ]dog Mala - recovering after operation [ 80.58 Kb ]

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