03/25/08 People are Asking for Evacuation of Animals From "The Farm"

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Animal Friends is not at all surprised by the reactions of concerned citizens regarding the bad living conditions of domestic animals held on "The Farm," notably the dog Lisa. That is one of the reasons why we were already reacting and protesting in public on several occasions, and informed Croatian media about it.

We repeat once again that we strongly condemn all forms of animal exploitation in the name of entertainment or profit and we ask that all animals located on "The Farm" be removed and that new ones are not brought in. By leaving Lisa out in the rain and cold and separating her from the rest of the community, they cause her physical pain and distress. As well as anyone else, they should not get an animal if they do not plan to take care of it, therefore there is absolutely no justification for further abuse of Lisa on the "The Farm."

Keeping Lisa chained, half starved and thirsty, unfortunately is not an isolated case, considering that such scenes can be found more than often in the rural areas of Croatia. Sometimes it is just enough to walk into Zagreb's suburbs to see equally shocking scenes. The reality show "The Farm" does not condemn such behavior but it shows animal abuse as something completely normal, and animal suffering is used for increasing TV ratings and profit.

It is impossible to help all animals who live their lives in equally cruel and shameful conditions, but directors of "The Farm" should show at least minimal compassion and consciousness and immediately stop the suffering of animals kept in this rural "arena."

We cannot understand how occupants of the farm can listen to constant barking of a dog or look at it covered in mud. It is unacceptable that people responsible for the show do nothing just like responsible inspections which allegedly monitor animal welfare in the show.

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