03/28/07 Jasenice for the Dolphins

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Animal Friends and Richard O'Barry wish to express their gratitude and acknowledgment to the district of Jasenice

As part of our campaign against captivating sea mammals in Croatia, Animal Friends has written to all local communities that are currently negotiating with various investors about the construction of aquaparks, demanding that they should under no circumstances allow animal capture or construction of dolphinaria.

The district of Jasenice has promptly answered the appeal of Animal Friends and stated that it would not support animal capture. In this way, Jasenice has demostrated a high level of awareness and responsibility, thus earning public gratitude and acknowledgment.

Beside Animal Friends, the position of Jasenice and its mayor Martin Baricevic was highly praised by Mr. Richard O'Barry, who visited Croatia last week in order to inform the Croatian public on his experiences concerning terrible cruelty inflicted on sea mammals by keeping them in captivity. He also warned against the marketing tricks that investors tend to use in order to promote swimming with dolphins.

At the meeting last week, Richard O'Barry and the representatives of Animal Friends submitted his arguments to the mayor of Vodnjan, who should soon inform the public on his decision related to the prohibition of a dolphinarium in his region.

The district of Jasenice is a good example for other local communities, since several are currently planning the construction of aquaparks on their territories, but have so far refrained from making any clear statements on their attitude regarding the construction of dolphinaria.

Even though aware of the fact that the Croatian law and other legal acts prohibit performances featuring wild animals, which includes swimming with dolphins, Animal Friends have launched this campaign, which amongst other numerous groups was also supported by WSPA - World Society for the Protection of Animals, with the purpose of achieving a legally clear and unambiguous prohibition of any form of captivation of sea mammals. If this is accomplished, Croatia will be able to build up its reputation as a dolphin-friendly country, modeled after the dolphin reserve in Mali Losinj.

Statement of a Jasenice mayor

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