01/21/06 The Beagles Torturer Presses Charges

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After last year's protest in front of Antun Brkic's building


With their peaceful demonstration on November 26, 2005, in front of the beagle torturer building, Animal Friends and citizens requested Antun Brkic to be prohibited to work and sanctioning all actions with reference to the "Beagle Affair" as well as changing the Animal Welfare Act whose defects make animal torture in the name of "science" possible.

Antun Brkic, the head of the illegal beagle-experiments on the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine last July, has filed a report against the reporter of Jutarnji list Sergej Trajkovic as well as Luka Oman and Snjezana Klopotan from Animal Friends claiming that during the protest in front of his building they spread false information about organizing his supporters as opponents to the protest as well as disturbing citizens with an announcement that they will organize more demonstrations if necessary.

On the grounds of a Letter of urge, which was filed on January 10, 2006 by Animal Friends, the Zagreb District Attorney's Office informed us that they have requested comprehensive crime investigation regarding the experiments conducted on the 32 beagle dogs and the Faculty's legal performing. After this investigation will be over, further action will be taken and the competent decision of the attorney's office will be carried out.



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