06/27/07 End Inhumane Primate Testing in EU Labs

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Animal Friends participates in MEPs bid

MEPs representing 11 European countries will on June 27 at 2:30 P.M. stage a symbolic "release" of "primates" from their cages on the steps of the European Parliament.

Among the "released" "primates" will also be Miss Jasenka Tudor, Animal Friends' coordinator, who will, costumed as a primate, represent Croatia in Belgium.

The event marks the launch of the European Coalition to End Animal Experiments' (ECEAE) campaign to secure a ban on the use of these sensitive and intelligent creatures in EU labs in a forthcoming review of the lab animal directive 86/609.

Each MEP will uncage a campaigner dressed as a primate to represent the opportunity they have via the new law to free non-human primates from pain and suffering they currently endure in EU labs.

The directive, which is expected to be published in draft later this year, is designed to overhaul the antiquated rules governing animal experiments in Europe. It represents an historic opportunity for the EU to ensure a humane approach is placed at the heart of European Research and Development policy.

In particular the directive is a key opportunity for the EU to outlaw the morally indefensible and scientifically questionable practice of subjecting primates to painful and invasive experiments.

Over eighty per cent of the 40,000 responses from European Citizens who responded to the EC's consultation on the revision of 86/609 said they did not consider the use of monkeys in experiments as acceptable.

ECEAE chief executive Michelle Thew said: "The event today shows the strength of opposition across the EU to the continuing use of these sensitive creatures in painful experiments. The ECEAE is calling on the EU to take this opportunity to become world leaders in modern, humane research by releasing all monkeys from our labs."

Participation of the Animal Friends representative in this event in front of the parliament of Europe is in accordance with Animal Friends', the member society of ECEAE, efforts to ban the use of primates for the purpose of all experiments in Croatia, for which Animal Friends will continue to lobby in the Croatian Parliament.

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