01/15/22 Absurd: We get sick because we eat them, and then we take their hearts!

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Animal Friends Croatia strongly opposes Frankenstein's organ transplantation from animals to humans!

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- Ethical alternatives available: Stem cells, plant nutrition, and voluntary organ donation

“On one hand, we suffer from heart disease, which is the result of eating pigs, and at the same time, we transplant a pig's heart to a man to save his life. Is there a greater absurdity?” Animal Friends Croatia are appalled. Although the recent heart transplantation of a genetically modified pig to man is seen by some as a great medical success, from that association, which strongly opposes the use of animals for experiments, it is seen as a diversion of science rather than a medical miracle: "It's a huge loss of resources that could be used to fund modern research, which could help people.”

They point out that xenotransplantations, i.e. the transfer of organs or tissues from animals to humans are dangerous because they pose enormous risks to human patients. Namely, due to physiological differences between humans and animals, there is a high possibility of rejection of the transplanted organ, and strong drugs which are used to try to prevent it have some serious side effects. In addition, there is a significant risk of uncontrolled spread of so far unknown zoonosis and other infectious pathogens because swine retroviruses can be transmitted to humans and cause deadly pandemics. That is why this method is a completely wrong approach in saving human lives.

"Transplantation of a pigs heart into a human was preceded by many experiments in which pig hearts were transferred to monkeys, and most of them died from organ failure within mere hours or a couple of days at most. Numerous human and animal sacrifices through a long, painful, unsuccessful, and deadly history of xenotransplantation are clear evidence that such experimentation not only gives false hope of healing to human patients but also brings unimaginable suffering and painful death to animals", explain Animal Friends Croatia.

They state that pigs are, by their intelligence, sociability, and ability for empathy and affection superior to dogs, but still suffer en masse in the meat industry, while in poor medical practice are mostly used for organ transplantation. "In vivo testing are unethical, last for years, and the probability of getting the results relevant to people is practically non-existent. Pigs and other animals used for xenotransplants are genetically modified and subjected to lifelong confinement and difficult to imagine painful procedures”, stated Animal Friends Croatia.

They add that, unlike humans, they cannot give consent for transplants, but even if they could, they would not agree to be mutilated, subjected to deadly operations, and eventually killed: "Modern science cannot be based on crimes against conscious beings, which precisely because of the characteristics of its kind, suffers more intensely in experiments by serving as living reservoirs of organs.”

Animal Friends Croatia points out that there is already an ethical alternative, and that is the development of heart muscle tissue and other organs and parts of organs from human stem cells, which has the potential to save thousands of lives. Such new technologies could, and should, replace classic organ transplants. Another way of omitting animals from the monstrous human organ trade is an education about the possibilities of volunteering organ donation.

Science and medicine need to look for safe and innovative solutions that do not involve animal sacrifices!

"Statistics show that Croats die mainly from heart disease, which is not surprising if we take into account that one Croatian eats about five tons of meat in his life! Vegan diet and other healthy habits can prevent as much as 80% of cardiovascular disease, while the development of medicine and science can improve only high-tech methods that do not use animals", warn Animal Friends Croatia.

They conclude that, in order to achieve human well-being, it is necessary to remove animals from plates and laboratories, as it is to develop modern medicine safe for humans that would not rely on inefficient "animal models": "It's time for Frankenstein's obsolete use of animals to transplant organs into humans and its associated huge waste of research funds ceases to hinder the progress of medicine and science and increase risks to human health.”

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