10/10/12 The Lush Prize for Outstanding Contributions to Replacing Animal Testing for the 2012 Awards

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Animal Friends nominated for a prestigious prize

- The nominees for the Lush Prize have been announced, Animal Friends amongst them!

In June 2012 Lush announced the launch of the first Lush Prize whose goal is to help the fight against animal experimentation and end them once and for all. Yesterday on the web site www.lushprize.org the short list for the 2012 awards for the first Lush Prize for outstanding contributions to replacing animal testing was announced.

With more than thirty projects from fifteen different countries making it through to the final list is also Animal Friends Croatia in the cathegory Public Awareness Prize – public-awareness raising of ongoing cruel testing.

Katy Brown, the Lush Prize Director explained: "We've had some truly amazing nominations which include a feature film from Canada, the training of government officials in non-animal methods in China, a new artificial skin test from a research team in the UK and organizations like Animal Friends Croatia who continually warn and educate the public about this issue. All the people who have made it to the short list though should be proud of the outstanding contribution that their work has made to the replacement of animal use in 2011/12."

Luka Oman, president of Animal Friends said in reference to this nomination: "We are truly honored that Animal Friends Croatia was short-listed in the category Public Awareness Prize amongst strong competition of candidates from France, Canada, Japan, Italy, Germany and the UK. This is a great acknowledgement of our work so far and its recognition in Croatia and the wider region. It is also incentive to continue for us to persevere in our fight to raise awareness of the cruel experiments on animals and their ending. We want to use this opportunity to thank Lush Croatia for the very successful collaboration so far and acknowledgement and support of our efforts."

Animal Friends thanks the citizens who already formed their firm stand against animal experiments, as well as those who buy solely products which are not tested on animals, that is those from the White List, which can be found at www.prijatelji-zivotinja.hr.

The short list shows the huge variety of excellent work that has been achieved in the last year on the field of fighting against cruelty. The fact that individuals and groups from all over the world are short-listed illustrated the global recognition of this issue.

Its £250,000 annual prize fund is the biggest prize in the alternative testing sector. £200,000 will be shared by four projects in the following categories:

The special prize Young Researcher Awards – to five post-graduates specialising in alternatives research (YR) - is also of £50k.

Ten specialist judges, including scientists, campaigners, regulators and trainers, will meet in London to pick the winners on October 15th. The winners will be announced at a ground-breaking awards event on November 15th.

The Lush Prize will reward groups or individuals working in the field of cruelty-free scientific research, awareness-raising and lobbying to help bring to an end to animal testing.

The prize has been created by Lush in partnership with Ethical Consumer (www.ethicalconsumer.org) ensuring that the award process is impartial, rigorous and comprehensive in scope.

The short list and other information about the Lush Prize can be found at www.lushprize.org.

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