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Animal Friends marks the World Day for Animals in Laboratories

Every year on April 24 the World Day for Animals in Laboratories is being marked throughout the world. The purpose of marking this day is to draw attention to the suffering of millions of tortured and killed dogs, cats, monkeys, horses, mice, guinea pigs, fish, rats, pigs, rabbits and many other caged animals. The goal of this day is to completely end the torturing and killing of all animals for vivisection purposes.

Animal Friends will be marking this day in Osijek's Trg slobode, on April 24, at 12 noon. There will be an information stall along-side a performance in which an activist will be caged and "fried with chemicals" in order to depict the skin irritancy tests that are among the many cruel and unnecessary tests regularly being performed on animals.

By giving out education fliers with the latest "Black and White List" of companies and their policies of testing (or not testing) on animals, Animal Friends' activists will appeal to citizens to buy cruelty-free products. The citizens of Osijek will also be informed of the new website of The European Coalition to End Animal Experiments www.hr.eceae.org, which is now translated into Croatian language.

As a member of The European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE), Animal Friends is the regulatory body for the Humane Cosmetics Standard (HCS) in Croatia. The companies that comply with the HCS have agreed to perform regular audits in order to prove that, in their business, they do not tolerate the abuse, torture or killing of animals for the purpose of testing ingredients or final products. The companies that comply with the HCS and whose products are available on the Croatian market are specifically noted on the "White List."

The test performed on animals most frequently is the so-called Skin irritancy test. In this test, a concentrated chemical is placed on the shaved back of an animal, and the irritating effects are observed for several days. In this case (or any other cases), the animal is not administered a painkiller of any sort. Beside the "skin irritatancy test," there are also many other very cruel experiments, one of them being called the Draize test. During this experiment, rabbits' eyes are stuffed with toxic chemicals, and unable to even blink, these animals suffer immensely for days, without being given any kind of anesthesia. Millions of animals are being tortured in laboratories until their death all so that people can perform different kinds of "security tests."

The Croatian Animal Protection Act prohibits the research or development of chemical products used for the cleaning and disinfection of articles of general use and the research or development of ingredients, combinations of ingredients and finished cosmetic products. However, this does not prohibit the importation and selling of such products and ingredients, which is the plan that the EU will enact as of the year 2013.

There is no legal obligation for the testing of products on animals. Companies that have not engaged in animal tests for more than several decades serve as the example of how these obsolete tests can and need to be replaced with newer, more modern and safer methods of testing the security of a given product.

Using animals for experimentation does not give objective results while, at the same time, it requires vast expenditures of time and money. Science has to abolish animal experimentation and focus on more humane and more modern tests such as the use of model cells, computer models and many other up-to-date methods.

Animal Friends’ activists help people to inform themselves and to build a strong attitude against animal experimentation. They also invite the public to buy only cruelty-free products. The "White List" which is regularly updated on the Animal Friends website www.animal-friends-croatia.org, contains the list of the companies that do not test their ingredients and final products on animals and which instead, use up-to-date methods that are not only humane, but are also safer for people as well.

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