04/13/11 For the Ban on Sale of Cosmetics Tested on Animals

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Animal Friends and Bojan Jambrosic joined the European campaign for the ban on sale of cosmetics tested on animals

- The petition has been launched for the European legislation that exclusively allows the sale of cosmetic products whose ingredients were not tested on animals

After the ban on testing cosmetics and its ingredients on animals which is enforced in Croatia as well, the European Union by 2013 plans to ban the marketing of cosmetics whose ingredients are tested on animals, with the aim to prevent the marketing of products within the EU that have been tested outside the European Union.

However, the officials are now considering extending this deadline, in some cases even for 10 years, despite massive public opposition to animal tested cosmetics and an existing bans.

Animal Friends, a member organization of the European Coalition to End Animal Experiments – ECEAE, in Croatia launches the petition for the ban on sale of cosmetics tested on animals.

After he participated in the Animal Friends campaign "Be Above Cruelty," Bojan Jambrosic also gives support to this European initiative. On Wednesday, April 13, at 12 noon on Trg bana Jelacica in Zagreb he will invite the citizens of Croatia to speed the ban on marketing cosmetics tested on animals with their signature.

Bojan is going to be joined by a "female bunny" who will be handing out leaflets of the so-called White List, respectively the appeal to use only products of companies that do not test on animals. Everyone interested in signing this petition will be able to do that on the spot, while other signatures will be gathered on Animal Friends' regular info stalls and at www.animal-friends-croatia.org.

"Last year with Animal Friends and a rabbit I appealed to the people through billboards, fliers and the video not to use products tested on animals. I am glad that due to this campaign so many people became aware of this issue and now buy products for which animals did not have to be tortured and killed. I am happy to join the signing of this petition and I invite everybody to do the same. Let us with our signatures together stop the suffering of these innocent creatures – to be above cruelty," said Bojan.

According to the latest available figures, over 12 million animals are used by EU researchers every year – equivalent to 10 animals suffering in cruel and painful experiments every minute. This ban will be a one step forward to stop this.

The petition and the video with Bojan Jambrosic can be found at www.animal-friends-croatia.org and at our regular information stalls in Zagreb: Friday night on Trg kralja Tomislava and Saturday morning on the corner of Varsavska ulica and Trg Petra Preradovica.

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