05/18/02 Workshops in Dalmatia

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Animal Friends on a lecture tour all over Dalmatia


This weekend, Animal Friends is launching a campaign in Dubrovnik and Split. The campaign will begin by putting up posters of the organization at the most frequently visited locations in Split, where Animal Friends will leave their messages against testing of cosmetic products and cleaning agents on animals.

The campaign will be introduced to the citizens by co-ordinators of the association, who will present and promote the association and show a movie in both towns, on May 18 in Dubrovnik and May 19 in Split.

The lectures will be held at the International Centre of Croatian Universities in Dubrovnik, at the address Frana Bulica 4 at 7 P.M., and in Split at the premises of the association Zvjezdano selo Mosor at the address Simiceva 50, Blatine, beginning at 8 P.M.

After Sibenik and Zadar, Animal Friends will continue with the lectures all over Dalmatian towns. According to the reactions in Sibenik and Zadar, we can conclude that there is a great interest in vegetarianism and animal rights, and we hope that the interested people will come to see the movie and presentation of the association this weekend as well.

Animal Friends has by now shown movies and presented itself in about ten Croatian towns, in Rijeka, Karlovac, Sisak, Pazin, and other large towns, but also some small towns of our country.

Lectures and movie showings in these two towns are only a part of the whole campaign, the purpose of which is to educate the Croatian public about the problems of product testing on animals and about the suffering that the millions of animals chosen for experiments have to endure each day.

The campaign also includes the making of Black and White List of companies, distributors and importers, which test, that is not test their products on animals.

In addition to the extremely good media coverage, the campaign has had really good results by now, and there are many citizens asking for the data on manufacturers testing, i.e. not testing their products on animals.

The campaign was launched on April 24, 2002, on World Laboratory Animals Protection Day, by putting up billboards in Zagreb, it continued on the information stands, movie showings and lectures, and it will last for another month.

On the occasion of May 15, the International Conscientious Objectors' Day, the models of alternatives to the experiments for scientific purposes were included into the campaign, i.e. the conscientious objection right that should be given to the students who refuse to participate in experiments that are a part of the curriculum.

At the moment, the negotiations with the Ministry of Science and Technology are being held about the introduction of alternatives to the experiments on animals, and we hope that soon enough they will be introduced to the university too, as well as that the conscientious objection right will be given to all students who refuse to conduct experiments on animals.

You can find all about testing on animals in the section "Animal Experimentation."




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