01/11/06 Demand for Getting Information About Driver's Identity Who Ran Over a Puppy

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n/r Bozo Grguric
Ljudevita Gaja bb
10430 Samobor

January 11, 2006

Dear Mr. Grguric,

Ref: Demand for getting information about driver's identity who ran over a puppy with a Samoborcek bus

I write to you from the organization Animal Friends with a demand to inform us about the identity of one Samoborcek driver, who, on January 9, 2006 purposely ran over a five months old female puppy named Targa owned by Katica Kendel, who uses the services of the transport company Samoborcek.

We need this information for pressing legal charges against him. With those the Municipal National Prosecutor's Office will find out what happened and undertake necessary legal procedures.

This information is urgently needed and if we do not receive those, we will be forced to press charges against the company Samoborcek which then will be responsible for possible sanctions and public condemnation.

However, it should be in the interest of the company Samoborcek to give this information, so that possible mistakes one driver made wouldn't be blamed on the entire company, which would harm its reputation for responsible behavior of the entire company.

Information can be send to the fax number 3774463, or by email to prijatelji.zivotinja@inet.hr, or you can reach us at the phone number 4920226.

Yours sincerely,

Luka Oman

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