06/16/12 Veterinary Inspectorate and the Massacre of Dogs

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Ministry of Agriculture
Miroslav Kuskunovic, spokesman

Dear Mr. Kuskunovic,

I bring to your attention the slaughter of dogs and cats that are cared for by the Shelter for abandoned animals in Dumovec and the shelter Noah's Ark, and which was carried out by the Ministry's veterinary inspectors.

Horrified citizens informed us that they cannot get any information regarding the dogs in the above - mentioned shelters; they only received a response informing them that the shelter was closed due to rabies and that no information regarding the dogs will be available in the following week. We received many inquiries regarding the dog Figo who is under observation in the quarantined Dumovec shelter and citizens have started an online petition for his rescue. As veterinary inspectors killed all the dogs in quarantine two days ago, should his guardians fret that they will receive news that their family member was unjustly killed by inspectors just because he has yet to be vaccinated?

We no longer live in a time when sheriffs could and would kill with impunity; rather we live in a time when people seek a transparent and ethical conduct of the governing institutions towards conscious living beings, regardless of what species they are.

The Ministry of Agriculture has a legal and humane obligation to inform citizens about the practice of the veterinary inspection; to prove that all dogs and cats killed by the inspectors did in fact suffer fromrabies and to support such claims with autopsy findings administered by the Veterinary Institute for all animals killed based on the inspectors' orders. Also, we seek evidence which proves that all animals were quarantined for triple ten-day observations and/ or that their blood samples were sent for antibody and titer testing, after which the suspicion of rabies was confirmed.

Even if the above-mentioned procedures did in fact confirm the suspicion of rabies, in the civilized and ethically principled 21st Century only animals suffering from rabies should be euthanized, and not all animals because it may be cheaper or more accommodating in the long run. Any alternative statementfrom the Ministry, uttered without proof, cannot justify the absolutely unnecessary killing of stray animals, or those that have only recently found a home.

Such shameful conduct by the veterinary inspectorswas a slap in the face of all individuals, animal rights associations and shelters who dedicate their time and incredulous effort to removestray animals from the road and find them a home, who are committed to advertising and neutering of animals, whilst also educating citizens. The purpose of veterinary inspections should be to cooperate and assist those who solve the city and state’sproblems with abandoned/stray animals, and not coldly kill the animals while using rabies as an excuse for the slaughter. This curtails the noble effort of the shelters and humane societies and animals that aren’t guilty of being abandoned are punished with death. Veterinary inspections should sanction individuals who abuse and abandon animals, promote education about the importance of castration and responsible care of animals thereby relieving shelters, instead of following the recent example of Ukraine's massacre of abandoned animals.

On behalf of the citizens who were amazed by the concealmentand suppression of the veterinary inspector’s activities, we ask that you issue an official account on the killings that took place and provide proof of rabies in each of the animals that were killed.

Best regards,

Lidija Eterovic
The Network Against Animal Abandoning

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