07/26/10 Python Killed in Peljesac

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Vesna Danicic, Inspector

July 26, 2010

Subject: Demand to find and sanction the owner of the python killed in Peljesac

Dear Ms. Danicic,

We write to you based on the report we submitted to the Directorate for Nature Protection Inspection on July 26, 2010, against Eugen Uvodic and Kreso Frankovic from the village of Prapratno on the Peljesac peninsula for torturing and killing a reticulated python.

Since the two men found a reticulated python in the house belonging to Kresimir Frankovic, with no knowledge as to where the snake had come from, it was obviously an animal who had an irresponsible owner.

People who buy exotic animals as pets often lack the knowledge or the awareness of the needs of individual species, and animals like snakes become a special problem as they grow because their size outgrows the size of their terrarium. Keeping them in a larger terrarium and providing all other conditions represents a substantial expense, which was probably the reason to abandon the reticulated python in the nature on Peljesac. This can create numerous problems in the eco-system, and the animal is exposed to attacks by uneducated individuals, as was the case in the end with the unfortunate python, who was tortured, injured, and finally killed by the two men by cutting off his head with an axe. This kind of violence was the direct responsibility of the pyhton's owner, who endangered the python himself, other animals and people with his irresponsible behavior.

Since we fear that the owner of the python also owns other protected species, which he might also release into the nature, we ask you to take measures in order to find and sanction the irresponsible owner of the reticulated python killed, which will prevent bigger catastrophe. We have submitted an identical demand to the Veterinary inspection and the Ministry of Interior.

We also ask you to inform us in writing of the measures taken, so we can inform interested citizens and media. Thank you for your cooperation.


Luka Oman
President of Animal Friends

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