07/05/06 Sumarija Samobor

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Sumarija Samobor
Zumberacka 7
10430 Samobor

Dear Sirs,

We are writing to you since we received information about your cooperation with Mr. Dario Juric, who is exploiting horses for wood-pulling for Sumarija Samobor (Samobor Forestry Office) through his trade "Promet Juric, drvo, sjeca i izvlacenje" (Promet Juric, wood, felling and pulling of trees), Donji Macelj 74, 49225 Donji Macelj.

As you already know, after various citizens' appeal about the terrifying scenes of injured horses which every day are to pull woods for Sumarija Samobor, and having verified the disastrous health conditions of the unlucky horses, Animal Friends has informed the media and the community, along with Dario Juric about all this, and reported to the Veterinary inspection as well as the Municipal State Law, because of breach of the animal welfare act and culpable animal abuse.

Upon publishing pictures of tortured horses with open and unhealed wounds in the media as well as on our web-site, we received many calls from citizens who are horrified by the inhuman abuse of horses as living machinery. They cannot understand Sumarija Samobor's casualness to the obvious suffering of the unlucky animals, or the determination that it is "normal."

Maybe you are not aware of the fact that in our civilized world, people use machines for the load, not animals. Therefore, we appeal to you to stop the cooperation with the Promet Juric trade, and kindly ask you to hire somebody who in the 21st century pulls trees from out of the wood with tracked vehicles, and not with tortured animals. Barbaric and inhumane behavior towards animals must remain a thing from the past.

We will inform the media and citizens about this appeal to you, who expect you to not be deaf to the need of basing your work on methods suitable to the days we live in, and to forever discard animal exploitation, which the entire Croatian public condemns along the line with the ever growing worldwide movement for animal protection and rights.

Of course, in case Sumarija Samobor decides to no further collaborate with Promet Juric trade and to permanently discard any kind of use of animals in their work, we are ready to publish this decision as a positive example which should be followed by other establishments in Croatia, that are still supporting animal exploitation for work.

In expectance of your civilized decision, we remain with kind regards,

Luka Oman
Animal Friends

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