12/12/13 A Letter to the Mayor of Split - Zoo Split and Shelter for Abandoned Animals

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December 12, 2103

Dear Mr Baldasar,

We are writing to you urged by the fact that in the Split Zoo animals live in hard and inappropriate conditions.

We have to point out that such conditions not only cause suffering to already detained animals, but also directly violate the Animal Protection Act. As we have been pointing out this problem for years already, along with many other organizations and individuals, we believe that time has come for a constructive dialogue and clear agreements for the benefit of the animals and the city of Split.

We are also concerned about the fact that the city of Split has not yet opened a shelter for abandoned animals. We believe that building a shelter owned by the city on a territory owned by the city would contribute to the implementation of the Animal Protection Act. The city of Split would thus fulfill the legal requirements and would implement the programs of care, adoption and spaying/neutering of animals, together with the education of citizens, and all this without killing animals and with considerable financial savings.

We understand there are many problems, but nonetheless we kindly ask you to find the time for a meeting in which we would discuss our proposals that we believe would help in solving the problems of the city of Split concerning the protection of animals, the implementation of the Animal Protection Act and the necessary creation of a more civilized, humane and modern city of Split.

We are looking for a meeting with you and your response.

With kind regards,

Luka Oman

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