06/09/21 Let's not allow the destruction of Croatia with plastic bags!

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On the occasion of the first reading of the new Law on waste management, Animal Friends Croatia wrote to the representatives

- Alarming condition; the legal ban on single-use plastic and plastic bags is necessary

On the occasion of the first reading in the Croatian Parliament of the proposal of the new Law on waste management, the Animal Friends Croatia Association sent an appeal to the members of the Parliament to support the ban on single-use plastic and light plastic bags. “Huge quantities of plastic bags end up in the sea and in the environment, where they pose a danger to many animals that can get entangled in them or swallow them. The microplastics created by the decomposition of these bags end up in the organisms of animals and humans, while workers in the production of plastic bags are exposed to toxic chemicals. As a tourist country, now is the time to stand up for the future of Croatia in the long run because we can lose a lot due to endangering and destroying our natural beauty with plastic bags and other plastic waste." Animal Friends Croatia said.

They remind that it turned out that charging money for light plastic carrying bags, with a thickness between 15 and 50 micrometers, did not reduce their consumption, so the only solution is their complete ban: "We believe that these legal changes should make actual progress. That is why we praise the ban and suggest banning plastic bags with a thickness of fewer than 15 micrometers. Only a ban will effectively stop further pollution of the environment with plastics, for which a large number of associations and environmental organizations have been intensively advocating for years. ”

Back in 2008, Animal Friends Croatia launched a campaign to ban plastic bags, and through years of various activities, petitions and with the support of many associations and similar initiatives, they advocated for specific legal provisions. “Isn’t it a shame that a plastic bag, glass or spoon is used only once and then becomes hazardous waste? Our grandparents have used only a few durable bags in their entire lives, managing to shop in cities without any problems, while today, plastic bags are consumed unnecessarily on a daily basis in huge quantities. Banning plastic bags would save many animals, preserve natural resources and ecosystems", the Association emphasizes.

Namely, due to the production of plastic bags, natural resources and energy are consumed, and later they contribute to the accumulation of garbage, suffocate animals in the seas and damage the beaches. The real impact of plastic bags is felt in the animal world where they kill large numbers of dolphins, fish and turtles that replace them for food or become entangled in them. They are also dangerous for goats, sheep and other animals that swallow them, followed by slow and painful death. Tourists should not catch the sight of birds dragging bags in which they have become entangled.

“Buying or taking a new plastic bag every time you go to the store directly affects the environment not only because of hundreds of years of decommissioning in the landfill but also because burning in an incinerator with other plastics increases the number of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. As an alternative to lightweight plastic bags, canvas bags, baskets and reusable mesh bags and other types of reusable bags and sacks can be used, ”Animal Friends Croatia recommends.

They consider it important to educate citizens and to reduce the purchase of products in a plastic package and buy products in bulk and in larger quantities. But they warn that the situation is alarming and that we do not have time to wait for most consumers to become aware and act responsibly, which is why an urgent legal ban on plastic bags and disposable plastic is necessary. They add that plastic bags are not suitable for recycling, and the wind easily carries them away over long distances, so they often end up in the canopies of our protected areas such as national parks and tourist areas, which are important to protect from pollution.

Therefore, Animal Friends Croatia appeal to the MPs to support the ban on lightweight plastic bags on the market, as well as other single-use plastic products. This is a long-term interest of Croatia and the only effective way to reduce further environmental pollution and the devastating consequences of the accumulation of plastic.

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