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No Kill animal shelters present music video by IFEEL dedicated to abandoned animals

- This music video announces a major national campaign of the importance of volunteering with animals

Hip hop artist IFEEL speaks up for all animals that cannot speak for themselves. His goal is to express the inner life of animals through music and so to contribute in exposing and stopping their suffering.

After visiting animal shelters in several cities and hanging out with volunteers, IFEEL felt motivated to write a song that draws attention to abandoned pets, but also volunteers. Volunteers are real heroes who devote a lot of time and energy in saving animals on a daily basis. But what triggers them the most is love – often the most important thing when it comes to finding a new home for some unfortunate animal.

This all resulted in the song "Nove pobjede" (New Victories) – an ode to all abused, abandoned and neglected animals. Representatives of those animals are a cat named Odin and a dog named Ljubo, who have since found a happy home. Their life and the lives of many animals were saved thanks to the efforts of no kill shelters volunteers throughout Croatia.

"Volunteers are true heroes. They give their time, energy and love, helping animals find loving homes and get the lives they deserve. I wanted to thank volunteers for all they do - and say it from the animals' point of view", says IFEEL.

This music video is also an introduction to a major national campaign that aims to raise awareness of the importance of volunteering and for the responsible treatment of animals. The song is also a tribute to volunteers and to how all of our four-legged friends would thank them, if only they could speak.

Shelters in Zagreb, Cakovec, Varazdin, Bjelovar, Virovitica and Osijek will therefore organize a presentation of the music video in their cities.

For more information please go to: Dumovec Shelter Youtube channel and www.MusicIFEEL.com.

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