06/19/20 An atmosphere of optimism and health at the 9th Vege Fair

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In the city center, we will be tempted by vegan sausages, burgers, cakes, and other meatless offerings.

June 23rd from 8 AM to 8 PM, Ban Jelačić square, all-day green oasis

If someone had told us a month ago that on June 23rd, 2020 we would be able to walk through the main square of Zagreb and enjoy vegan burgers, falafels, wraps, juicy cakes, juices or smoothies from 8 AM to 8 PM we could hardly imagine it. But Animal Friends Croatia, by organizing the ninth Vege Fair, brings a touch of optimism and health through an attractive offer of fruits and vegetables and ready-made vegan products. You'll find anything from healthy home-made products, vegetable sausages and salami, hemp products, delicious spreads, irresistible desserts and exotic fruits to vegan shoes and cosmetics that have not been tested on animals.

At the 9th Vege Fair, a new vegan sausage will be presented to the Croatian domestic market which is practically indistinguishable from meat with its taste and texture. In the background of its creation is the desire to contribute to the growing number of vegetable substitutes for meat that are slowly conquering not only Croatia but the whole world. Therefore, it has its first presentation at this year's Vege Fair, all with the common goal of caring for animals and the environment and improving the health of all of us.

„Over the past months, we have received a large number of inquiries as to whether the Vege Fair will even take place, due to the epidemiological measures related to the pandemic. We are extremely pleased with the great interest of both exhibitors and visitors showing that citizens are literally hungry for healthy and ethical content“, say the organizers Animal Friends Croatia. They state that all of us, by choosing vegan foods, take care of our health. They will also take care of the safety of all visitors with sufficiently distant stands and respecting all other prescribed measures.

In addition to offering delicious and healthy vegan food, cosmetics and footwear, promotion and tasting, Animal Friends Croatia's educational stand will provide information on animal welfare and rights, vegan dishes and recipes, the adoption of abandoned animals, the vegan lifestyle, the preservation of the planet and volunteering. At the same stand, the Blue Cross Association, which offers shelter to cows, pigs, sheep, and other animals and at the same time educates about the importance of respecting the life of every creature, will be presenting itself.

Animal Friends Croatia invites everyone to visit the 9th Vege Fair and enjoy the cheerful and relaxing atmosphere, discover new diverse and healthy plant products, learn about all the benefits of a plant-based diet and relax and taste the salty and sweet offer of the Vege Fair at tables under umbrellas.

The exhibitors who participate in the Vege Fair will also be some of the exhibitors at this year's ZeGeVege festival. Some of them are also holders of the European V-label as a guarantee that the products they offer are entire of plant origin. You can find out more about the Vege Fair offer here.

At the 9th Vege Fair, Tvornica Zdrave hrane („Healthy Food Factory“) will exhibit as the main sponsor, as well as companies and brands such as Annapurna, Bio Boutique, Delicia, Melli Aromatica, OAZA Joyful Kitchen, OPG Andreja Petrović, OPG Diana Prpić, OPG Martin Knežević, OPG Kalić Zvonimir, OPG Pocedulić, OPG Jakopović, OPG Brolich, OPG Picek, Ljekovite gljive, Plavi Križ, Sana delicates, SMID, Plemeniti mediji and Creation Happiness. Donators of the Vege Fair are Encian, Cetina, Labud, and Rebel Whooper.

Mayor of Zagreb, Milan Bandić, will attend the Vege Fair at 10 AM.

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