International Demo for the Ban on Import of Seal Fur in the EU was Held

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People from Bilje, Borovo, Mala Subotica, Pozega, Privlaka, Rijeka, Sesvete, Slavonski Brod, Varazdin, Vukovar, Zabok, and Zagreb joined the protesters from all over Europe on July 1

Concerned citizens from all over Europe demonstrated outside the offices of the European Commission in Brussells today in support of a strong ban on seal products. Organized by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), Humane Society International (HSI), GAIA and Eurogroup for Animals, and supported by more than 50 other animal rights and welfare organizations - including Animal Friends from Croatia, the peaceful demonstration attracted thousands of people from across the European Union and beyond, including countries such as Germany, Slovakia, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, Finland, UK, Sweden, Italy, and Croatia.

The crowd blew whistles to show their disapproval with the hunt, and paid tribute to the millions of seals that have been killed in the last few decades by holding a minute's silence. European parliamentarians also came on stage to show their support for an effective ban on the trade of seal fur and other products accross the European Union. The Commission is expected to publish a proposal on a possible ban soon.

Luka Oman, Animal Friends president said: "The fact that people turned up in such large numbers from all over the EU for today's demonstration, shows that both the citizens of the European Union and Croatia - which already has such ban - are not willing to support this deadly trade and that they want stop the slaughter of animals for fashion and glamour."

Lesley O'Donnell, director of IFAW EU office, said: "Year after year our observers record unimaginable levels of animal cruelty out on the ice floes in Canada's huge commercial seal hunt, which is not only unacceptable but an entirely useless and wasteful activity. Europeans want no part of this."

Mark Glover, director of HSI UK, said: "It is now up to the Commission to take the next step, and propose a strong ban that would help speed up the end of the seal hunt."

More photos from the demo you can see at

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