03/15/08 Protest to Stop the Seal Slaughter

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Animal Friends organizes its big and loud annual protest

- Demanding a legal ban on trade in seal fur in the European Union

In early March the ice floes of Eastern Canada are a breathtaking vision in one of nature's most beautiful spectacles: hundreds of thousands of baby harp seals come into the world. But then this idyllic vision suddenly changes. The sealing ships arrive, and what was once a scene of peace and innocence becomes a makeshift factory of terror and cruelty as the ice is covered in blood. These helpless baby seals, some as young as two weeks, are clubbed or shot to death for their fur. Many of 300,000 baby seals will even be skinned alive or will die trapped under the ice after being injured.

Two months ago Animal Friends launched an international campaign to end the seal hunt in Canada. The 'For Europe without Seal Fur' campaign is directed towards the European countries, as one of the biggest fur seal markets in the world. In order to appeal to the EU to implement the legal ban on trade in seal products, Animal Friends Croatia contacted more than 1,500 presidents of states, prime ministers, members of governments and parliaments, political parties and parliamentary groups, MEPs and MPs of the European Union member states.

At the same time, official thank-you notes and letters of support were sent to the representatives of the authorities in Slovenia, Croatia, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Latvia, which already enforced this ban.

The "For Europe without Seal Fur" campaign will culminate on Saturday, March 15, with the big international anti-fur protest in Zagreb. Animal Friends invites everyone to join the numerous aware citizens who will march through the city center and raise their voice against the killing of animals for fur.

The protest march will proceed on the International day of protest against the seal slaughter from King Tomislav Square, where the citizens are invited to gather at 11 A.M. The protest march will follow this route: Zrinjevac - Ban Jelacic Square - Ilica-Frankopanska ulica- the Canadian Embassy in Prilaz Gjure Dezelica.

The loud and big protest march will briefly stop on Ban Jelacic Square at 12 noon.

After Ban Jelacic Square, the protest march will continue towards the Canadian Embassy where the protest letter will be handed over with the demand for Canada to end the seal slaughter. Through the streets Masarykova and Teslina ulica, the protesters will return to King Tomislav Square which is the finish of the protest.

Animal Friends invites the citizens of Zagreb, of all Croatia and abroad, public persons and all media to actively support this protest against the brutal cruelty for profit in order to send a clear message from Croatia to the European Union: Croatia has banned the trade in seal products, now it is the EU's turn to do the same!

The big international demo against the seal slaughter

Date: Saturday, March 15, 2008
Gathering place and time: King Tomislav Square at 11 A.M.
Peak of the protest: Ban Jelacic Square at 12 noon
Handing over the protest letter: the Canadian Embassy after 12:30 P.M.
Route: King Tomislav Square, Zrinjevac, Ban Jelacic Square, Ilica, Frankopanska ulica, Prilaz Gjure Dezelica 4 in front of the Canadian Embassy, Teslina ulica, Masarykova ulica, Zrinjevac, King Tomislav Square

"For Europe without Seal Fur" demo gallery can be seen here.

Zagreb demo against the seal slaughter 10 [ 171.91 Kb ]Zagreb demo against the seal slaughter 7 [ 174.99 Kb ]Zagreb demo against the seal slaughter 1 [ 195.95 Kb ]Zagreb demo against the seal slaughter 11 [ 138.92 Kb ]Zagreb demo against the seal slaughter 5 [ 124.29 Kb ]Zagreb demo against the seal slaughter 6 [ 187.25 Kb ]Zagreb demo against the seal slaughter 8 [ 159.70 Kb ]Zagreb demo against the seal slaughter 2 [ 81.33 Kb ]Zagreb demo against the seal slaughter 3 [ 72.36 Kb ]Zagreb demo against the seal slaughter 4Zagreb demo against the seal slaughter 9 [ 155.45 Kb ]

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