A Letter to the Ambassador of Canada in Zagreb

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Mr. Edwin Loughlin, Ambassador
Prilaz Gjure Dezelica 4
10000 Zagreb

March 29, 2011

Your Excellency,

We are addressing you with a plea on behalf of Animal Friends Croatia and other Croatian animal rights activists.

We would like to ask you to present Ms. Gail Shea, the Canadian Fisheries Minister, with this T-shirt and the complementary DVD with the song "The Hand Strikes Hard" by the Croatian band Superbrands.

These items are our way of expressing the collective discomfort and disappointment that all animal rights activists feel, in relation to the new Canadian killing quota for 2011.

The planned slaughter of seal pups, also known as "the quota," adds up to 468,200 baby seals about to be needlessly and cruelly murdered. We must express our disapproval.

In the hope you will grant our request,


Luka Oman
Animal Friends Croatia



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