06/11/21 Estonia has also banned the breeding of animals for fur!

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A historic victory: The first Baltic country to put an end to this cruel industry

- Fur farming has been banned in Croatia for a long time now; the number of countries that are passing the ban is growing

The draft of the Law which bans the breeding of animals for the purpose of fur production passed the last reading in the Estonian Parliament. Most members of the Parliament supported the ban, thus placing Estonia on a growing list of countries that have decided to put an end to the brutal and unnecessary industry of exploiting and abusing animals for the covering of their skin.

"No animal should suffer because of the wishes of individual consumers. We are grateful to the members of the Parliament who made this decision in favor of animals and the environment”, said Annaliisa Post of the Estonian animal protection organization Loomus. She emphasized that this was a historic victory that followed after a long-standing fight to ban fur farming, and they were especially proud that Estonia was the first Baltic country to ban this cruel industry.

Estonians have clearly expressed support for the ban. According to last year's survey, 75% of Estonians oppose breeding and killing animals for their fur. There are currently about 10 chinchilla farms left in Estonia, which should be closed by 2026.

"The first countries to ban fur farming were the United Kingdom in 2000. and Austria in 2005. After them, many other countries made the same decision, including Croatia, which is certainly commendable. We believe that the emergence of coronavirus on fur farms around the world will accelerate the process of legal bans on breeding in all EU member states, but also in other parts of the world. This would stop the ruthless killing of animals and prevent environmental pollution, unnecessary consumption of natural resources and the emergence of new pandemics", Animal Friends Croatia state.

The Netherlands had a large industry at the time of the ban and set a transition period until 2024. But after the outbreak of coronavirus on Dutch marten farms, the Dutch government last year declared an early halt to the industry and cessation of breeding.

Fur farms are extremely polluting and ruthlessly consume resources such as drinking water, and animals end their lives by having their necks broken or being electrocuted, and even being skinned alive. Dangerous chemicals that are carcinogenic to workers and toxic to the environment are used to tan leather and fur.

Therefore, Animal Friends Croatia welcomes this victory for the animals and humanity and calls everyone not to buy or wear clothes and shoes made of animal skins and fur, but to turn to ubiquitous ethical and environmental alternatives.

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