Protected Bird Species in Siscani Confiscated

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The Inspection of Nature Protection of the Ministry of Culture on January 20, 2006 has found five protected birds in Siscani near Cazma, at one Croatian citizen's place, during the supervision inspection action. The bird breeds are the following: one thrush, one yellow hammer, one robin, and two chaffinch.

With this supervision executed by the higher inspector of Nature Protection Zeljko Vukovic from the Nature Protection Inspection Department in Djakovo, in cooperation with the higher inspector Branko Hromatko, it is found out that the birds were supplied, held and raised in illegal way, with the final aim to sell them, as the birds owner even kept advertising in the papers.

Given the fact that in Croatia the hunting, trade, raising, breeding, as the mere keeping of protected birds are strictly forbidden according to the Nature Protection Law, for which there is a penalty that amounts from 7,000-30,000 kuna, the Nature Protection Inspection has confiscated the birds, and criminal proceeding against the violators will be brought to the authorities.

After the Inspection intervention, three birds had been provided to the State shelter for confiscated protected animals in Ruscica, since these birds have been living in captivity for years and actually even been brought up that way. Yet, two birds had been left free to their natural habitat.

The confiscated birds' value had been estimated according to the Regulations of Indemnity for the damage caused by the forbidden activities on protected animal species and it amounts to 3,600 Kuna.

This is already the third protected bird confiscation in the 2006, which is a result of the continuous activities of the Inspection for Nature Protection in terms of preventing illegal hunting, holding and trade with protected song-birds.

The Nature Protection Inspection is thankful to the Society for Animal Protection 'Zivot' (Life) from Osijek, and to its President Davorko Feil, whose information had been very helpful for finding the committers of these illegal actions.

Confiscated robin [ 31.88 Kb ]Confiscated bunting [ 47.00 Kb ]



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