Prevention of Smuggling Protected Killed Birds

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Ilok/Djakovo - Into the night on September 15-16, 2006, higher inspector from the Ministry of Culture, Nature Protection Directorate Zeljko Vukovic, M.A. in cooperation with functionaries of customs duties "Ilok-Most" stopped Italian citizen from smuggling the protected killed birds.

Inspection surveillance led by leaders inspectorate, discovered the attempt of smuggling 588 killed birds; 542 of them were stripped anthus trivialis, 45 were quails and one itch.

Whereas these birds are on the list of the protected type of birds, Italian citizen ought to have the permition from the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Croatia for transport and transition the birds. Instead he tried to transport them illegally. He broke the Nature Protection Act, so the birds were taken from him and he paid the penalty in sum of 7,000 kunas. He will be convicted versus Legality about customs duties, and processed by leaders constabulary including the police authorities.

Penalty is indulged because Italian citizen did not follow the law of custom inspection. The birds have been killed in Romania and Italian citizen indented to smuggle them to Italy through Serbia and Croatia. The birds have been intended for Italian gastronomi marketing.

The value of the protect birds due to inspector Zeljko Vukovic is estimated on 434,800 kunas. This is the biggest confiscation of smuggled birds during this year.

The Inspection of the Nature Protection and their Office in town of Djakovo until now had tens of similar cases. Also they confiscated around 15,000 protected types of animals, mostly the killed birds which total worth is appraisable at more od 5 million kunas.

Killed protected birds on the border crossing Ilok-Most [ 49.80 Kb ]Confiscation of protected birds [ 36.50 Kb ]



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