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Golden Drops of Bare Truths

Adela P.
"Canned Hunting. Traditional hunting is base/cowardly enough by stalking/murdering peaceful beings with heavy/sophisticated weapons... BUT, in 'canned hunting', this 'superior'/'civilized' brain defective human uses this ammunition... to shoot and murder A CAGED ANIMAL!!! For sport!!! Supplied mostly by zoos and even pet zoos too!!!"

"'HUNT' - a four-letter word!"

CONTACT Magazine
"Boycott Make-A-Wish Foundation. It readily granted teenager Erik Ness his last wish to kill a bear in Alaska, despite the fact that actor Pierce Brosnan offered Erik a visit to the set of 'Dante's Peak', the newest James Bond film, and Fund for Animals offered Erik a camera and equipment to shoot the bear with film instead of bullets! Both offers rejected!!! Earl Holliman, Pres. of Actors and Other for Animals said, 'I can't understand anyone near death wishing to kill another living creature, and I wonder who will be there to grant the bear HIS last wish!!!'"

"Fishing/Hunting... a sport???!!! With hooks and hunting knives these gentle creatures - whales/other marine mammals - are torn and sliced alive amid cheering and laughing crowds! Animals' bloody tears attest to the final brutality of man!"

Friends of Animals
"Wolves: They don't want to kill livestock, frighten people or turn into a horror movie creature at midnight! They just want to survive! It's their world too!!!"

Congressman Richard Lehman
"The illegal trade in wildlife is becoming increasingly well organized and commercial. It is associated with other criminal activities such as narcotics, money laundering, weapons dealing, and tax fraud!"

Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting
"Animals are worth nothing to hunters, millions to the wildlife agencies, billions to the weapons industry... but priceless to us who fight for their liberation!"

George Bernard Shaw
"When a man wants to murder a tiger, he calls it sport; when a tiger wants to murder him he calls it ferocity."

Adela P.
"Aren't all those 'Nature' and 'Wildlife' TV programs and magazines, like 'National Geographic Explorer', etc. which intrusively focus on carnivorous animals engaging in survival acts, geared to discredit these beings??? And anyway, what kind of people enjoy watching these acts??? These animals are manipulated and staged for these lucrative programs!"

Lily Whiteman
"Fraud in 'Wildlife' Films! Wildlife film maker Marty Stouffer has been secretly staging nature scenes/treating animals cruelly, and so have been many other wildlife film makers! He built a hunting camp/hunted animals illegally. Alumnae of 'Wild America' plus film crew members and 3 animal suppliers, told about Stouffer's behind-the-scenes methods providing witness accounts of how he staged sensational kill scenes, including a fatal fight between a mountain lion and a lynx - animals that would rarely even cross paths in the wild! PBS investigation found fault with 15 shows in the 'Wild America' archives. In Stouffer's 'Dangerous Encounters' he staged a mountain lion attacking an apparently unsuspecting cross-country skier warning the viewers of recent increases in lion attacks, failing to explain that the scene is nothing more than a playful moment between a tame lion & his veterinarian owner!!! Even Ray Disney admitted in a Canadian TV program that his famous uncle dropped captured lemmings into a river to film their 'mass suicide'!!! Also exposed was how Perkings, for his 'Wild Kingdom' series, deposited a tame bear in a Florida swamp and proceeded to his 'heroic' rescue of the struggling animal, complete with helicopter/boat/lassos... Page admits: 'You simply cannot film the scenes without setting them up'!!! Burrowing animals or hiving insects are filmed in man-made equipment. Few viewers are naive enough to think film makers just 'happened' upon every scene in their 'documentaries'." (E Magazine)

Adela P.
"'Extinction.' Human-caused extinction of any species is criminal/disgraceful. Bitter truth is the ongoing 'efforts' to stop it are for humans' convenience, mostly to secure more creatures to enslave/use in millions of ways/tormenting individual animals by forcing their procreation in captivity... When satisfactory numbers are reached, the bloody/vicious cycle of animal abuse is allowed (encouraged) to start all over again: Bu$ine$$ a$ u$ual! It's part of the exploiters' game to which, sadly, animal welfare/protection societies subscribe. It brings no controversy/ easy donations..."

Elaine Robbins
"The California Grey Whale has recovered in sufficient numbers so we have whaling nations at the June 1997 CITES Convention declaring that they will open the way for a full scale resumption of commercial whaling." (E Magazine)

Adela P.
"Zimbabwe, Namibia and Botswana have declared at the June, 1997, CITES Convention, their intentions of allowing elephant hunting for ivory again because the herds have reached satisfactory numbers..."

CONTACT Magazine
"Juliette Harris, a 7 year-old New Mexico child recently chose to receive 7 painful rabies shots rather than have a bear cub that 'nipped' her, killed. She said 'I just didn't want that baby bear to die! It's no good to hurt animals.'"

The Fund for Animals
"The Fund's Norm Phelps wrote to 14 Catholic priests who jointly own the St. Hubert's Hunt Camp near Alpena, Michigan, but only Cardinal Maida of the Detroit Archdiocese answered, that he found nothing wrong with priests killing deer. One of the priests was quoted in a newspaper: 'Oh, of course, we pray for deer. Not only deer, but big deer.'"

PETA's Animal Times
"The Union Hill Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Alabama held a 'Coon Hunt for Christ' to raise money. Racoons were released, chased up trees by dogs and shot! Rev. Charles Hood says, 'The coon hunt is a way to spread the word of God.' And will continue to hold coon hunts."

"Basketball legends Larry Bird, and Red Sox Slugger Mo Vaughn, declared that gunning down animals is NOT sport! Bird told Esquire magazine that he stopped hunting: 'I just don't want to kill anything anymore.' And Vaughn added: 'I don't believe in hunting. Give the animals a gun, and then maybe I'd hunt."

Lem Ward Chrisfield, MD
"A hunter shot at a flock of geese That flew within his reach. Two were stopped in their rapid flight And fell on the sandy beach. The male bird lay at the water's edge And just before he died He faintly called to his wounded mate And she dragged herself to his side. She bent her head and crooned to him In a way distressed and wild Caressing her one and only mate As a mother would a child. Then covering him with her broken wing And gasping with failing breath She laid her head against his breast A feeble honk... then death! This story is true though crudely told. I was the man in this case. I stood knee deep in snow and cold And the hot tears burned my face. I buried the birds in the sand where they lay Wrapped in my hunting coat And I threw my gun and belt in the bay When I crossed in the open boat. Hunters will call me a right poor sport And scoff at the thing I did. But that day something broke in my heart And shoot again? God forbid!"(Quoted in 'Dear Abby' Column)

Sylvia K. Sikes
"It is unusual to see tears running from eyes of wild elephants, although it is common in captive specimens." (The Natural History of the African Elephant)

John Bryant
"The animal welfare and rights movement must extend its influence into the area of conservation. For too long we have allowed the conservation bodies to exist without the ethic of 'rights for the individual', with the result that many blood-sportsmen have been allowed to mask their cruel activities by wearing the respectable mantles of 'conservation' simply because they take action to preserve their victims and their habitats." (Fettered Kingdoms)

Adela P.
"Beware! While there are genuine groups fighting to protect wildlife, many others promote hunting/trapping/mass murdering of wild animals: World Wildlife Fund/National Wildlife Federation/ Audubon Society/Sierra Club, many more! Investigate vigorously before helping or YOU MAY BE FUNDING THE TORTURE/MURDER OF THE VERY ANIMALS YOU WANT TO HELP!!!"

Rorke Garfield
"The suffering inflicted upon this nation's birds and other animal life (by anglers) is nothing short of the worse kind of vandalism!" (National Animal Rescue Assn. Report, U.K.) Quoted in PETA's Animal Times

PETA's Animal Times
"Don't call pest control!!! Two racoons set up housekeeping in a Connecticut house attic to seek shelter from the wind and cold. The owner, said the New Haven Register, called a nuisance wildlife control operator to remove the animals but once they were captured they were not taken to a rural area and released, but shoved into a wiremesh cage, driven to a public boat ramp and submerged in water until they drowned! 'Nuisance' wildlife trappers paint a different picture but most crush the animals' bodies with heavy objects, twist and break their necks or just leave them in the small wiremesh cages for days in searing heat, rain or cold. Mothers are trapped and killed leaving their babies to die of hunger and exposure or beat them up to death with metal poles. This worsens the problem since removing a portion of the population triggers a rise in the birth rate! IT MEANS MORE BUSINESS FOR THE 'NUISANCE' TRAPPERS AND MORE SUFFERING AND DEATH FOR THE ANIMALS WHO SHARE OUR NEIGHBORHOODS!!! SOLUTION: Find out what attracts animals to houses in the first place and take steps to prevent it."

Dr. Jane Goodall
"Did you know? Chimpanzees are our closest relatives: 98% of human and chimpanzee genetic materials is identical. Like us, they make and use tools and show intellectual skills that until recently we believed were unique to ourselves. They form close/affectionate bonds that may persist throughout life. Like us, they feel joy, sorrow, despair and shed tears when grieving over the loss of loved ones. Like us, they are right- or left-handed. When they 'grin' it doesn't mean they're happy. 'Smiles' on the faces of 'performing' primates are really grimaces of fear and/or pain! In their homelands, chimpanzee children stay with their mothers until adolescence and usually help care for younger siblings. Even after mature chimpanzees 'leave home,' they often return to visit their mothers. Orphaned babies are commonly adopted by older sisters, brothers or aunts. Do they not, then, deserve to be treated with the same kind of consideration we accord to other highly sensitive/, conscious beings - ourselves???" (Some segments quoted from PETA's Animal Times Holiday Issue)

Kenney Logan, Cougar Expert
"People are moving to places where lions always have been and people never were. When lions show up near populated areas and are subjected to the alarmist scrutiny of the media, the lions are quickly labeled 'a threat'."

Erma Bombeck
"Every creature that can be darted or sedated wears a beeper collar to record his whereabouts. A Swainson's thrush has a tiny radio embedded in his neck Even Monarch butterflies wear tags... Animals can run, swim or fly - but they cannot hide." ('All I Know About Behavior I Learned in Loehmann's Dressing Room')

Julie Hughes with Bill Clark
"When an exotic animals ring is busted, the smugglers are not the only ones facing imprisonment. Most confiscated animals face the prison of zoos or laboratories. They become the hapless victims of a selfish human enterprise. Friends of Animals is hoping to develop a national and personal policy which repatriates confiscated animals." (Friends of Animals "Act-ionLine")

Smuggling animals from So. America
"Officials found monkeys hidden inside spare tires or stuffed inside car bodies. Flamingos with beaks and wings taped have been crammed into boxes or hidden under a truckload of coal. Tortoises have been stuffed in bags and suffocated. Drugs hidden inside their bodies!" (World Press Review)

"Hunt each other - leave the animals alone!"

SHARK (Showing Animals Respect and Kindness)
"Hunting - The sport of cowards, and a source of income for government wildlife (MIS) managers."

Lem Ward Crisfield, M.D
"Dear Abby:
For years I used to shoot birds - just for sport. I enclose a poem that convinced me to give up that 'sport'. Some may think the poem is 'corny,' but it had a powerful effect on me:
'A Hunter's Poem'
A hunter shot at a flock of geese
That flew within his reach.
Two were stopped in their rapid flight
And fell on the sandy beach.

The male bird lay at the water's edge
And just before he died
He faintly called to his wounded mate
And she dragged herself to his side.

She bent her head and crooned to him
In a way distressed and wild
Caressing her one and only mate
As a mother would a child.

Then covering him with her broken wing
And gasping with failing breath
She laid her head against his breast
A feeble honk... then death!

This story is true though crudely told,
I was the man in this case.
I stood knee deep in snow and cold,
And the hot tears burned my face.

I buried the birds in the sand where they lay
Wrapped in my hunting coat
And I threw my gun and belt in the bay
When I crossed in the open boat.

Hunters will call me a right poor sport
And scoff at the thing I did.
But that day something broke in my heart...
And shoot again??? God forbid!!!"
(Written in the Chronicle, in Crested Butte, CO.)

Mary Ann Henn, St. Benedict's Convent, St. Joseph, MN 56374
"Biking On A Country Road... 'We heard shots from the woods and winced. Everyone wondered what the Brave Hunter was after, and hoping he'd missed. My partner said she hoped he'd shoot off his big toe, so he'd know what it feels like to be a lonely animal with a hunter after him. But that makes me wince, too, but...'"

Luke A. Dommer, "The Mighty Hunter"
"There is a noble sportsman
Who seems to get his thrill
Trampling through the thicket
Finding animals to kill.

Though beautiful and innocent
For them he does not mourn
He is the judge and jury
Their crime was being born.

And in the church on Sunday
You'll 'find him on his knees
Praying for some victims
Defenseless if you please.

Upon his head he wears a cap
Bright red for his protection
His courage that some other nut
Won't shoot in his direction.

Hung on his walls are creatures
Of every perfect kind
A type of conservationist
Unbalanced in the mind.

He claims a love for nature
The indoor lie he scorns
But he curses it unkindly
If he's wounded by some thorns.

An expert with a rifle
For this he takes a bow
He may miss a tiny sparrow
But not a full-grown cow.

And what if irresponsibly
He kills a pet or man -
The question is conditional
On shooting what he can.

Besides, he has a license
To practice in his sport
He can make this killing legal
With an accident report.

A hero of the forest
He boasts for all to hear
For he's the mighty hunter
Not an ordinary queer."
(A great antihunting activist for umpteen years. Fearless, has challenged many to debate in public, and did)

Luke A. Dommer, "Egoman"
"Of all the mysteries to unfold
Nature is the greatest told.

There in the secret of Life's force
Dwells the power of our source.

Sad few mortals understand
Not to hurt its helping hand.

And that creatures land and sea
Are tortured, killed and mocked with glee.

Sacrificed to him of God
Who ruins the air and spoils the sod.

Alas - a beast is at the help
Who'll spare no others in his realm.

And his numbers shall abound
Until the animals make no sound.

And every tree is cut and squared,
Each tender blade of gross impaired.

But in the end he must inherit
That which he destroyed with merit.

The final victim of his rape
None of his members shall escape.
For it is not in Nature's plan -
All else should die but Egoman."

Thelma Palazzi, "A Christmas Seal"
"I'm sitting here writing, it's Thanksgiving Day,
It is to the future I find my thoughts stray.
Christmas is coming - the 'holiday season'
I'll ask you in rhyme to listen to reason.

I don't wish to burden any of you
But I've a small favor to ask you to do -
Now it is the custom at this time of year
To send Christmas cards all filled with good cheer.

If all of you when you sit down to write
Think of the seals and their terrible plight
You could do much if you'd drop a line
To Norway's Ambassador at the same time.

Ask them to stop that horrendous ordeal
That's inflicted upon that poor creature, the seal.
For one little stamp that's only a dime
You could prevent this horrible crime.

Now all of us know God gave us dominion
But wanton abuse was NOT HIS opinion.
When God determined to give us free will
HE DID NOT mean to go out and to kill.

With needless affliction are slain, these poor seals,
So near extinction - they need your appeals.
So won't you please help them? Their fate don't deny.
If you keep silent they surely will die.

Yes, Christmas is coming - it's Jesus' birth,
HE wanted things better for us here on earth.
Now I'll ask you again - in the name of our Lord,
Don't let this favor I ask be ignored!

I know you have troubles but they will get better
Their only chance to live is your letter!
And when you write it, your spirit will lift
Right up top heaven - you're sending a gift!

Just mail out that letter as you would that card
You'll really be saying: 'MERRY CHRISTMAS' to God!"
(Printed by Animals Need You)

John Lame Deer (1900-)
"... That terrible arrogance of the white man, making himself something more than God, more than nature, saying I will let this animal live, because it makes money; saying This animal must go, it brings no income, the space it occupies can be used in a better way. The only good coyote is a dead coyote. They are treating coyotes almost as badly as they used to treat Indians."
'You are buying and selling death.' (Lame Deer, Seeker of Visions)

James Anthony Froude (1818-1894)
"Wild animals never kill for sport. Man is the only one to whom the torture and death of his fellow-creatures is amusing in itself." (Oceana)

Captain Paul Watson
"Every person who regards themselves as civilized must express their disgust and their revulsion against the whale killing atrocities of Iceland, Norway, the Faeroes and Japan. These people who practice this horrific serial killing of whales are the most barbarous representatives of humanity upon this planet and cast shame upon their nations."

Ellen DeGeneres
"I ask people why they have deer heads on their walls. They always say because it's such a beautiful animal. Well, I think my mother is attractive, but I just keep photographs of her."

Brian May
"Fighting for the welfare of our wild animals is not a task that any of us want to have to do. We do it because these magnificent animals live, breathe, see, hear, and feel pleasure and pain like we do, but they do not speak our language, so in the world of humans, they have no voice."

"I turned down Prince William's invitation for me to sing at his birthday bash because he was spearing animals in Africa and bringing publicity to it, and I thought that was pretty disgusting!"

Albert Schweitzer
"When will we reach the point that hunting, the pleasure of killing animals for sport, will be regarded as a mental aberration?"

Ian Somerhalder
"Looking around the world at these wildlife, it's abundantly clear that humans have benefited from nature in so many ways but have also brought many species to the brink of extinction... The American people that I interact with through my IS Foundation work do not want to allow this to happen; they do not want to let these species go without a fight; and they see the way in which nature provides for people around the world. This is an issue that Americans care deeply about, and it is critical that the United States, as a world leader and global power, continue to lead the planet's efforts in global species conservation."

Ian Somerhalder
"The proposed Keystone XL pipeline puts fish and wildlife at risk, threatens the health and livelihood of countless American farmers, and perpetuates the United States' unhealthy dependence on oil. On behalf of myself, the IS Foundation, and the 22,000 people who have already signed our Stop the Tar Sands Oil Keystone XL Pipeline Petition, we strongly urge the Obama Administration to follow through on its promise to end the age of oil in our time."

Kristina Vilk, Miss sport Croatia
"Every living being has received life as a gift and it is extremely inhumane that people should be allowed to take the lives of innocent animals and their right to live, simply because they find it amusing or for other selfish reasons."

Simon Stuart, head of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Species Survival Commission
"Human beings are stewards of the earth and we are responsible for protecting the species that share our environment."

Kristina Vilk, Miss sport Croatia
"Hunters, each time you kill an animal is just as if you killed me."

Clinical psychologist Dr. Margaret Brooke-Williams
"Most psychologists and psychiatrists concur that what hunters seek subconsciously - and it's nothing to be ashamed of-is reassurance about their sexuality. The feeling of power that hunting brings temporarily alleviates this sexual uneasiness."

Ted Turner
"If mankind can learn to stop killing the great apes, maybe we can learn to stop killing each other."

Queen's Brian May
"This is a horrific proposal, truly horrific. Badgers have just as much right to live in this country as we do. They mind their own business. They do nobody any harm." (About the scheduled 2012 cull of badgers in England)

Leonardo DiCaprio
"Poaching is rampant throughout Africa – all for elephant ivory products that nobody needs. If we can't stop the illegal ivory trade in China and other countries, elephants will continue to be killed at alarming rates."

Ricky Gervais
"When everyone asked, 'What ambition have you got?' I could never think of one. That's the only thing I could think of, that I'd want my life to be: just my house, but I open the back doors and it's like a fucking Disney cartoon. I want fucking muskrats and beavers and horses and three-legged wolves and blind bears. I wouldn't want for anything else. My life now, with every endangered or hurt animal saved."

"A lot of people don't know that every time they purchase anything that has even a smidgen of ivory in it, it comes from a dead elephant. I think if people were more aware of that, it would have a dramatic effect on the whole ivory trade." (Rolling Stone)

GOLDEN DROPS OF BARE TRUTHS collected by Adela Pisarevsky

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