Effective Vegan Advocacy - advices by Melanie Joy, PhD

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What is effective vegan advocacy?

Effective vegan advocacy represents communicating in a way that increases the chances of others allowing themselves to be influenced. It does not “change” hearts and minds, but rather “opens” them.

Four key obstacles to effective vegan advocacy

Know when not to advocate:

Do not expect the facts to sell the ideology.

Asking someone to stop eating animals is not simply asking for a change of behavior. It is asking for a shift in consciousness - which will not occur until they feel safe enough to do so.

Advice for effective vegan advocacy

- we all stand for more than just our ideologies

- carnism requires caring people to support harmful practices

- think about non-vegans as the victims of carnism and potential allies in spreading veganism

- be aware that both, non-vegans and vegans, are people


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