Suggestion of a protocol for adopting dogs and cats during the coronavirus pandemic

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Given the current situation with the new COVID-19 pandemic, the shelter will continue to act in accordance with the guidelines of the competent institutions and work as follows:

• Until further notice, ALL volunteer activities and group visits are delayed at the shelter.
• The shelter continues to give animals for adoption, taking into account the current circumstances and restrictions.
• Prospective adopters can choose the animal by viewing photos of animals in the shelter, as well with viewing descriptions and information that can be found on the shelter's website, the Uniform Information Center and on the shelter's social media.
• The shelter sends the adoption contract to the prospective adopter by email, and the adopter returns it to the shelter, filled out and signed.
• Visiting the shelter for the purpose of foster care is possible only with prior notice in the agreed period.
• Only one person from the family, respectively the adopter themselves may be present at the handover of the animal.
• We are WARNING you to be responsible! If you have any minor symptoms that resemble those of a cold or a flu, have stayed outside of Croatia or have been in contact with people who have travelled outside of Croatia, PLEASE DELAY THE ADOPTION FOR NOW.
• The animal is handed over in front of or on the outer side of the shelter following all the coronavirus protection measures ordered: the adopter and shelter staff member must wear protective masks and gloves and stay within the prescribed distance.
• The adopter should be given instructions during the adoption process, including the following information:

1. walks with the dog should be short, avoiding other people
2. after the walk, the dog’s snout and paws must be washed
3. if the person is officially in self-isolation due to suspected or confirmed coronavirus infection, other family members, relatives or friends should temporarily take care of the animal. If there is no such person, then the dog can be placed in a dog hotel.


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