Making a Killing

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by Gareth Patterson

Gareth Patterson has devoted his life to the care and protection of lions in their natural habitat.

In this, his seventh book, Gareth targets the ugly world of trophy hunting in Southern Africa and in particular the growing "Canned lion hunting" industry. "Canned lions" are captive bred animals, sometimes hand reared, which are confined in fenced areas for wealthy clients to shoot. The lions may even be drugged to make the killing even easier.

Gareth also tackles the disturbing "conservation" argument that only animals that generate income have a future - "If it pays it stays." Making a Killing shows that the future of Africa's wildlife should not be in the hands of those who would have it killed for fun.

Making a Killing is published by the Captive Animals' Protection Society.

Literature - Gareth Patterson: Making a Killing, South Africa's Canned Lion Scandal [ 28.49 Kb ]



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