08/28/08 Pregnant Cows at Croatian-Bosnian Border

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Veterinary Inspection
Department of Zupanja
Nada Caleta
J.J. Strossmayera 18
33270 Zupanja

August 28, 2008

Subject: Report on the detained transport of heifers at the border crossing of Orasje-Zupanja

Dear Ms. Caleta,

After todays report in the 12:00 (noon) news on HRT1 channel and numerous calls of citizens about a truck with 36 cows in the last phase of pregnancy, originating from Czech Republic, which has been kept for more than a day now on no-man’s land between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, at the border crossing of Orasje-Zupanja, we are filing a report on animal abuse and demand an urgent intervention on your side in order to secure food and water for these animals. The heifers should receive a treatment in accordance with the regulations stated in Croatian Animal Protection Act and the Regulation on the Live Animals Transport. The animals should first be returned to Croatia and taken care of adequately, after which one can address administrative issues.

Moreover, we demand the legal prosecution of those who are responsible for the disastrous condition of the animals. But first and foremost, we plead for your urgent reaction and intervention in order to help these animals as soon as possible.

We also demand that those who allowed the passage of animals through the Croatian territory should be called to account.

We would appreciate if you informed us in writing about the measures you have undertaken on the basis of this report.


Alen Crncan
Animal Friends

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