02/13/08 Dog and Cat Fur Coat

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Animal Friends invites to the protest against the Chinese fur industry and demand the ban on import of dog and cat fur

- 24 cats or 15 dogs for one fur-coat

For export around the world, China kills more than 17 million animals a year because of their fur, of which 2 millions are dogs and cats.

On the International Day of Action Against the Chinese Fur Industry, February 13, a protest will be held in front of the Chinese Embassy in Zagreb, Mlinovi 132, with the beginning at 12 noon, with emphasis on the legal ban on import and sale of dog and cat fur in Croatia, according to the EU directives which already enforced this ban.

Some dogs with their guardians will join this protest against the brutality of the Chinese fur industry so as to call to boycott the wearing of animal fur and fur-trim and to boycott the Olympics in Beijing, expecting a legal ban on import and sale of dog and cat fur in Croatia.

China is the world's largest exporter of fur, producing some of the cheapest fur on the market, which is commonly sold as fur-trim on coats, gloves, purses, toys and trinkets. Raccoon dogs, foxes, minks, rabbits and even domestic dogs and cats are among the animals slaughtered for their fur, and they end up in stores all over the world, in Europe and Croatia as well. There is not a single law that protects these animals.

Animals that are raised for their fur live in miserable conditions, confined to filthy, cramped wire cages. Disease, injury, and severe psychological distress are the norm on fur farms. Undercover investigations by the Swiss Animal Protection/EAST International revealed the gruesome routine at Chinese fur markets, where workers club and beat animals, stomping on their heads and slamming them to the ground before cutting and then tearing their skin and fur from their bodies. Once skinned, the animals are tossed onto a heap of carcasses. However, these recently skinned animals continue to breathe! The animals look directly into the camera, blinking their eyes and whimpering for between five to ten minutes after their fur has been torn from their bodies.

Before the European Union, the import of dog and cat fur was banned in Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Greece, and Australia.

After the EU ban, Animal Friends call for the ban on import and sale of dog and cat fur in Croatia. After the ban on fur farming and the ban on import of seal skin/fur and seal products, this would be another step towards building an ethically conscious Croatia without fur.

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