01/18/08 Shooting a Dog With a Slingshot

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Police Headquarters Zagreb
VII Police station – Trnje
Kruge 52
10000 Zagreb

January 18, 2008

SUBJECT: Report of violation of the Criminal Law and Law Of Public Peace And Order

Dear Sirs,

We would like to file a report (Article 260, Item 1, of the Criminal Law) against the 38 years old citizen who turned himself to the police after admitting that he was using a slingshot to shoot a dog near the building of the Municipal Court of Zagreb.

We also ask you to file a request for initiating a procedure against misdemeanor (Article 30 of the Law Of Public Peace And Order) against the perpetrator mentioned above.

Furthermore, we would also ask you to forward our report to Zagreb Veterinary inspection so they could file a separate request for procedure against misdemeanor according to the Animal Protection Act.

Regarding the vast amount of citizens' response on the public confession of the misdemeanor and their consequent reactions that reflect sympathy toward the abused animal, we would appreciate if you would inform us of the taken measures as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely,

Luka Oman

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